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Big Summer Beauty Haul (repost)

Hi!!!! It sucks that it’s the end of summer, but... here’s a haul of makeup that is making me super happy :) I'm so excited to show this haul on my blog as I've been eyeing these products for a while but I've been holding off on actually picking them up. I have a combination of affordable, drugstore, and high end makeup products, and I hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading :)

The first thing I picked up was the limited edition tie dye eyeshadows by Colour Pop. These eyeshadows have a marbled effects that combines two or more colors to create a beatiful color combo. A first I was only going to pick up one or two of the shades, but they were so original and affordable that I just went for it. These are the first Colour Pop eyeshadows I've ever gotten, and I love how smooth and pigmented the formula is. I'm also surprised by the fact that I'm a fan of the individual pots a they are going to be so easy to use for travel, I would say the only downside would be the fact that these eyeshaodws can dry out really fast if you dont get the lid on tight. I picked up all four of the limited edition shades, and so far they have stayed limited edition. I think it's probabl worth saying that sometimes Colour Pop will bring back products even if they were lmited edition, but so far I haven't seen any re- promotion for them. The four shades are Summer Lovin, Meow, Pop Rocks, and Mermaid Kiss.

Summer Lovin- This is my favorite shade of the four! It is a combination of a light sparkly pink, a light sprakly white, a soft gold, and a beautfiul bronze shade. It hows up as an absolutely stunning pinky gold shade that is unbelievably shimmery. This eyeshadow is very pigmented, but I persoanll prefer it as a topper of glitter and shine rather than as a base eyshadow in a look.

Meow- This shade is similar to summer lovin in it's formula (very very sparkly) and how I would use it. The main difference between the two is that Meow is a silver based shimmery shade. It has a tie dye effect using a soft shimmery baby pink, a dark shimmery purple, and shimmery silver.

Pop Rocks- This shade is very slighly less shimmery than Summer Lovin and Meow and it is a shimmery blue color with purple and silver reflects. It is a combination of a silver shimmer, a shimmery baby pink, a shimmery ocean blue, and a shimmery dark purple. This shade is so pretty and I can't wait to use it in a blue/ purple smokey eye look.

Mermaid Kiss- This is the shade I was the most unsure about as it looks like it is going to be neon green in the pan. It is not actually though as it is more of a bright shimmery mid tone green. It is a combination of a bright neon green shadow, and a dark shimery green shadow. This color is not one that I would pull out to use on the regular, BUT, it's so beautiful and unique! It's the least shimmery of the four as it has more of a shimmery shift rather than just a glitter glow like the other three do.

Next I got three of the new Colour Pop lip glosses in the shades Bestie, Drop Out, and Wolfie. I am super excited about these as they have a ton of shades and four different finishes and they are so affordable. I love the Ultra Matte lips by Colour Pop, so I'm pretty much always ready to try the next new lip products they come out with. They come with an applicator just like the ultra matte liquid liptsicks, and the shades range from nudes to grey's.

Bestie- A mid tone pink ( or an everyday pinky nude gloss). This gloss seems like it has really nice coverage and it comes in the Creme finish which is supposed to have a medium coverage.

Dropout- A dark cherry gloss in a sheer finish. A sheer finish is said to be a transparent gloss with a hint of color. The reason I got this color was really based on how fast fall is coming, and how much I'm prepping for a dark berry, burguny, plum, and red lip looks.

Wolfie- This shade was sort of a wild card for me as I'm not hugely into metallics but I thought this would be perfect for placing in the middle of the lips for some shine, or just as a beautiful Rosy gold lip gloss.

Metallic liquid lipsticks are such a huge trend right now and I love how affordable brands like Colour Pop and Milani are gettiong into the metallic lips game. I usually don't splurge too much on lip products, and I wanted to test out metallic lips on me before I committed to a higher priced product. So I decided to pick up the shades Flitter and Kween. The formula isn't as liquid based as the Ultra Matte lips and it is more of a creamy almost thick formula. I would say for Flitter it was a little goopy, but I didn't find that for Kween, so I'm not sure why that happened. Either way, I would say these are a thicker formula that is more similar to the Ultra Satin lips from Colour Pop.

Flitter- This shade is a light pink with a very strong gold reflect. I looked up swtaches of this as Colour Pop did not have a picture of a lip swatch when I ordered this and I just sort of hoped for the best. I do like the color , but I am a little worried that the light pinky ness will be a little difficult to wear as it could possibly wash me out. I'll have to give this shade a try first though and then update how I feel about it on here.

Kween- This shade I love! I have already worn it, even though I tried to not use everything before the haul. This shade is so beautiful, it's a red with a lot of gold shimmer and it's super wearable. I don't know if it's because the color is darker, but the glitter is a lot less in your face. Its still metalic and amazing, but it's not as much of a satement look as I feel Flitter would be. I loved how this lipstick fel as it wasnt drying, and it stayed on for probably 5-6 hours withought really moving or getting patchy.

As a break from all these lip products I'm going to go ahead and talk about the other eye products I got. The first three things are mascaras as I was doing a lot of traveling and I needed a good waterproof mascara. The next I got to try it out as I wanted to see if the hype was true. I also picked up a brow gel, and a gel pot of black liquid eyeliner (which I'll talk about a little later).

Rimmel Wonderlash (waterproof)- This is another one of the few products that I have tried, and I don’t like it. First of all, it did have a good wand as it was big and gave my eyelashes volume, but the formula didn't hold onto that volume for me. My eyelashes were just darker but flat and without a lot of curl. It was also very crumbly, and I looked in a bathroom mirror to find that it had started to smear under my eye and after that I just couldn't deal with it any more.

L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black (waterproof)- This mascara has been raved about so much on YouTube, and it was because of that that I chose it as my in the moment back up for the Rimmel Mascara. Thank gosh I did as I've been using this almost nonstop since I got it. I have obviously tried this one, and I would say it's for sure worth the hype. It gives a ton of volume (which is something I always look for in a mascara), and it lasts through swimming, sweat, and an occasional cry.

Benefit Roller lash- I have not tired this mascara yet as I'm waiting to use up a few more of my other one's first but this looks like it gives a more natural look. It has a curved brush with smaller bristles and the formula seems more geared on adding length to the lashes rather than adding volume. I'm excited to try this mascara and want to see if it compares to my favorite high end mascara, the better than sex mascara from Too Faced.

Milani Easy Brow Tinted Fiber Gel- I got this in the shade brunette, and I use this most days. I don’t honestly fill in my brows everyday as I have quite large brows so they don't always need the extra attention but I do like to use a gel to keep them in place. This gel looked like a good color match, and I was excited to see if the fiber gel it had would be good in adding a little more structure and emphasis on my brows.

Ok back to the lip products as I went pretty crazy with lip products in this haul. I picked up two Mac lipsticks from the Mac store in Times Square NY when I visited during the summer (P.S. I plan to post about that trip soon). Firstly, I got the infamous Ruby Woo Lipstick in the retro matte formula. This shade is such a raved about one that I had to pick it up so I could test out for myself if the hype was really true. It's a bright vibrant blue-red, and I can't wait to try it out. Next I picked up Crosswires in a cremesheen finish, as I wanted to try out the cremesheen formula and this color was too pretty not to pick up. It's a beautiful pinky orange color that' a really nice lipstick to have to change up your lipstick game from the super matte look that’s all the rage right now.

Next I picked up the Real Techniques Powder Brush as I need a really big brush for dusting setting powder on, and for applying my bronzer. I have used a few other powder brushes but this is the largest one I have used and I love it. There’s not much to say about this one as it is a brush... but anyways it's really nice.

Colour Pop Gel Pot Liner in Swerve- this is the first eyeliner I have ever gotten from Colour Pop and I wanted to get Swerve as it was a matte black color. I honestly don’t do much eyeliner in general as I'm much more into using eye shadow for emphasis and I also suck intensely at winged eyeliner. But, I wanted to try and work on getting better at eyeliner and I really wanted to try out the Colour Pop formula as they have so many colours and at a really affordable price. It feels very creamy, and the staying power seems very strong (a must for anyone who needs a day proof eyeliner).

I also picked up two items from the new Wet and Wild PhotoFocus line. I picked up the setting spray and eyeshadow primer which I was really excited to try out. While I love high end products, I wasn't as interested in dropping a lot of money on a new setting spray or eye primer and I have always been a fan of Wet and Wilds bargain prices. I have been using the eyeshadow primer and I love it! I am one of those girls who has to use an eyeshadow primer as my eye looks will crease so easily. I haven’t tried the setting spray yet but I'm so excited to see if it will help glitter stay on in eye looks and if it will help to prolong my makeup.

And again back to lip products...

Milani amore matte liquid lipstick (Precious and Sugar)- I love the shade Precious as it's a really pigmented and creamy pinky nude. I have wanted to try the Milani liquid lipsticks forever, and I finally saw them in stock at my local Walgreens and I couldn’t resist. This shade especially is amazing as it’s a perfect nude that is so easy and wearable. The formula is very creamy and smooth, and I'm excited to give this type of liquid lipstick a try. I also picked up the shade Sugar which is a dark burgundy plum, and based on swatching it I'm not as impressed as I was with the shade precious. I'm still excited to try this shade as it will be really nice for fall.

Colour Pop (Lyin King)- I was really excited to get another Ultra Satin lip from Colour Pop and I have wanted to try out this color for a long time. Lyin King is a bright raspberry color and it is super pigmented. It's also a perfect color that is much more fun and colorful than a traditional red or a bright pink. I have a blog post that talks about some of the Colour Pop lip products including the Ultra Satin lip. so I won’t get too into the formula but it's basically a really comfortable opaque lip product that is not transfer proof or extremely matte.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream (Transylvania)- I had seen pictures of the Nyx soft matte lip creams all over Pinterest and I was so excited to give this formula a try. I have tried this product out and I like the formula as it is much more comfortable than some of the other liquid lipsticks I have tried. I personally have found that the wear time is not great and I find that with liquid lipsticks it’s hard to re-apply lipsticks evenly if they flake off. I'm not sure how I feel about the formula but I know that I love the color. Transylvania is a very dark plum color and it is the darkest shade in the whole color range.

Lastly I picked up a cute pack of stickers that use play of words on famous makeup products. These were just something cute I found while out shopping and I couldn’t resist showing them on my blog as I think other beauty obsessed people will agree with me that they are just too cute. I also got a Japonesque face primer and Hemp body lotion sample that I wanted to show you as well.

Thanks for reading :)​​


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