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September and October Favorites (repost)

Hi! So, I wanted to get up my September favorites, but honestly I just got really busy and I didn't have time to do it. I also didn't have a month where I loved a ton of stuff, so I thought it might be a little pointless to write a whole post on like three things. But, I had a brilliant idea, and I'm going to be combining my September and October favorites! Also, as a disclaimer, a lot of the makeup I've been liking is high end, and there is a lot of Hourglass stuff. But, I want this to be very truthful, and I've honestly been loving each of these products so I'm going to show them. So, here it goes... Thanks for reading :)

Hourglass Seamless Vanish Foundation Stick in Ivory

To start off with I am a HUGE Hourglass fan! That is acting as my sort of disclaimer as Hourglass products are super pricey. This foundation is $46 and I honestly love it so much! getting to the product, I told my self I wasn't going to get it. I was like "Brynny, you don't need this. You will be strong and not get this" but I got it anyway (lol do any other make up junkies get me?). I actually went to my local Sephora one Saturday and an hourglass representative was there and she totally sold me. I was pretty skeptical at first, like $46 what? but when she used it on me I could see how flawlessly it blended and how amazing the coverage was and I totally fell in love. It's a high coverage foundation, but it feels completely weightless on the skin. I never get the feeling that I have layers of something on my face, and it's not cakey. It blends out so easily (hint: why hourglass says vanish), and it has this beautiful (very natural, not too dewy or too matte) finish. There is also a crazy large shade range. The only thing I would say is bad, is that 1. it's pricey and you don't get a ton of product and 2. Ivory for me seems pretty yellow. this isn't the biggest deal, I just think that if I could go back I might get a lighter shade as we are approaching winter and I think I would be able to use a lighter shade for longer.

So, I was totally rambling but up next...

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 104

This is my everyday lipstick for school, and it is a mauve nude shade. I don't have a ton of time to fuss with a lipstick (in the morning or between classes) so a nude was essential for me. I also love the matte finish of this one, and how buildable it is. It is perfect for someone is is busy or at school as it wears into a light tint of color on the lips and no one can ever notice if you need to reapply! Also its drugstore, which makes me happy :)

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

This is my favorite mascara and it is really like a year long favorite as I have been using this since January. If you like voluminous mascaras that are slightly clumpy, then you will love this. Although it is not lengthening, so be warned if that's what you like in mascara, this one isn't for you. I'm not really sure what else to say besides that its amazing, so... yeah

Hourglass Iridescent Strobe Light Highlighter

So, I'm also loving this highlighter from Hourglass in the shade Iridescent. This is a highlighter that is made more for strobing rather than glittery highlighting. It's not very glittery, and it's a lot more of a subtle highlighter than many of the other highlighters that are popular today. It is really perfect for accentuated the cheekbones and giving a lifted appearance for the high point of your face. Hourglass powders are also amazing too, as they are so finely milled and pigmented. If I could recommend any thing from Hourglass, I would say the powders as I just don't think you can go wrong.

Wet N Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow primer

This is a complete dupe for the Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer, and its only $4.99! It has a light ivory tint, and it keeps my eyeshadow looking incredible from early in the morning to really late at night. It stops all creasing, which is essential for me as my eyeshadow always creases unless I use a primer. I don't have issues with dark veins on my eyelids, but if you are looking for a primer that will cover everyhing, I think this will provide some coverage but its not a super thick formula so it wont cover up everything. This tube has also lasted me forever, a I got this when I started to collect stuff for my end of summer haul (but I actually got this in June) so I have been using this for months as well.

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick

I'm planning on doing a "is it worth the hype" type of post for this and another Mac lipstick really soon, so I'm not going to ramble about this for a long time, Basically, this is amazing! It is the classiest bright red, it looks amazing on everyone, and it lasts forever. I hate reapplying products as I'm so forgetful that I seem to always leave them at home. With this, you don't have to reapply, and it honestly lasts forever without losing its vivid color.

Dr. Marten Boots

Its boot weather!!! I love boots as they are by far the comfiest and easiest shoes, and you can still look effortlessly cool in these. Docs are somewhat pricey, but there are so many people selling them on eBay so if you are interested, look on there. I have two pairs, one that are heeled boots and one that are more like the traditional combat Doc style boots. I don't really know how to describe these any more... but they are great shoes, they last forever and I am going to be living in them for all of fall.

and a sort of random children's movie that I have been loving (as a teenage girl)...

Ella Enchanted

Why? you might ask. Well, I don;t really know. I saw this one day on HBO now and I got so excited because I used to live for this movie when I was little. As it turns out, I'm still living for it as it is one of the funniest and cutest movies. It also has so many jokes that I understand so much better now, as someone who is not a five year old girl, and it is such a cute movie. if you haven't seen it, go watch it now as it is the prefect kids movie that isn't just for kids. Also,

Thanks for reading :)


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