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Winter Haul (Charlotte Tilbury, Jouer, Lush, Clothing) (repost)

Hi again, and happy winter! I wanted to just due a sort of random haul.. it's not giant but it's quiete seasonal as its a lot fo sweaters, bath bombs, and a super exciting dark lipstick. So I wanted to jsut write a really seasonal happy haul post so yeah. Thanks for reading :)

Glastonberry Lipstick and Berry Naughty Lip Liner

I finally picked up soemthign from Charlotte Tillbury, although much to my wallets dismay. I have been in love with dark purple plum lipstick shades and I have hosnely been wearign them throguhout the whole year. So, because its wiinter and I can fully embrace a super dark ampy lip I decdied to splurge on the Glastonberry lipstick shade.

I also picked up the Charlotet tillbury lipliner in Berry Naughty really impulsiely while I was at Nordstrom. As I was saying, I wasn;t goig to buy a lipoiner but I wear these dark lipstick shades constantly so I figured it was probably worth the splurge to pick both up.

So yeah, i am so unbelievably excited to try out the lipstick and liner as Charlotte Tllury products are raved over and they look so beautiful. he bautiiful vintage isnpired rose gold packaging is incredible, and the matte formul of the ipstock looks so amazing.

Jouer Best of Nudes Gift Set

It was such a process to get this set. i was looking t the holiday set on the Jouer website and righ when I was going to add this to my cart it went out of stock. So, I actually ended up buying it from Dermstore, and it actually went on back order. So it has taken me a little longer to get this than I had origanlly hoped for. As I want to revew this and start my christmas posts for december.

Additonally, i was just so excited to be abke to try out the formula of these lig=quid lispticks as I have heard such amazing things about them and I loved the idea of being able to try so many idfferent sshades as well as two of the lip toppers. And it was only $36, but I got free shipping and a coupon code that took it down to $28. The downside would be that they are oretty tiny tubes but you get so many to try out, and honestly in each oe you defienitly get mutiple uses and if you love a color you can try it out in a full size. I swatched three (Noisette, Melon, and Skinny Dip) but check back soon to see a post with lip and arm swatches, and a full reveiw.

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb and Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb + Mint Julep Lip Scrub

I picked up four things from Lush, but I had the hardest time not suing them so i saved rhe collest ones for the Husl. So i also had butterbear and a mmelting marshmellow, and they were amazing in the bath, I picked up the Luury Lush Pud bath bomb a I wnated to get this oe last year but it wa sout fo stock online hen I placed my order and they were all out in my local Lush store. So i knew I wanted too tory it out this year as I have heard it smells amazing and looks incredible. On the Lush website i says i has Lavender oil and tonka absolute and aids in relaxation.. Next I got the lord of Misrule Bath Bomb, which I used last year and Loved. It turns the bath green and then a rich purple comes out. it smells rtaher musky and this s mroe of a end of fall pick for me. I just think it smells so incredible and when I think of Fall and especially like the lattes and herbal teas that get really popular around this time, this scent is like 100% that. Just with a musky edge. On the Lush website it says it had patchouli nd black pepper oil, and that its a festve spicy treat. I love how adorable Lush is when naming their products and descibing them.

And again I made another righ in the moemtn decsison and I decided to get a lip scrub. This was actually a relly good chocie (also so was the lip liner) so maybe I need to make a bunch of rash decsions when bying stuff LOL. Also sorry for the LOL :). This comes with a ton of product and I ahve actually used this. It really helped to remove the dry skin from lips and it kept them soft. It was also awesome to apply lp prodcut oevr my lips after as thye were so soft and it made liquid lisptick especially smooth. I like the mint flaor as its very fresh, and its not overpowering. Its a sweet mint, and it has jojoba oil to keep your lips hydrated.


I have recently picked up soem fall clthign essential to upadte my wardrob and make it super cozy. I had some issues trying to take pictures of the clothing and if I laid them out it just didnt really look the best. I also thinkg I might be doign a winetr lookbook/ style post soon so you should eb able to see them their, or I might take some pictures of me wearing them and put them below. I got two items from Kmart from the Adam Levine range, and one item from marshals and one from target.

From k-mart I actually repurchased a dress I used to have. It actually shrunk in the wash and I ended up buying it in a medium so if it shrinks again it won't be a problem. It's a beautiful loose, long sleeved dress, that is an incredible dark plum purple color. It has a tie in the front and some dark plum lace accents on the shoulder. I also got a light pink striped T-shirt which is super comfy. It's very vinatge inspired, and I love how it is the perfect somfy but still cute T-shirt.

From Marshalls I got a grey Cowl neck sweater tha is the epitomy of winetr fashipon; as it is cute and can be dressed up but feels like a suoer soft easy sweater. It was on sale at Marshalls, as Matrshalls sells disocunted clothing.

Lastly from Target I got a burnt orange V neck sweater. This is another essential for fall, and I honestly mgith go back and pick up another one of these sweaters as it has literally jsut snowed for the first time. This is totally random, but the first proper snow ha sdefetly made it seem like christmas time!!! It is super comfy and i love thwoing it on with boots and jeans and beng efofrtlssly comfotable and stylish in it.


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