• Brynnie

Blogmas Day 1: welcome to my blog + blogmas?!

Hello!!!!! And happy Blogmas! So today is December first so it is the start of blogmas. Now to start withI'm basing my blogmas off of youtubes vlogmas, which includes 24 vlogs leading up to Christmas. So I am going to be posting one blog post everyday for the next 24 days!

I really wanted to do this to do something festive and to focus on blog a little more than I usually do. I have also decorated my blog! I hope you like the Christmas decorations and it will make you feel as festive as I feel. Because I'm doing blogmas, I figrued I'de let you know some of things that I have planned so you can check back if your interested. I'm goign to be gooing winter lip looks, eyeshadow photo tutorials, a favorites post, DIY's, baking, and christmas makeup unboxings and reviews. So make sure to check back tomorrow for my first real post of blogmas.

Thanks for reading :)

P.S.I know todays post was pretty lame but I'm busy prepping for the next few days posts

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