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Blogmas Day 2: Jouer-best of nudes mini gift set

Hello and welcome to blogmas day 2!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Jouer best of nudes gift set. This set was $36, and sold out so quickly when Jouer released their Christmas collection back in November. I knew I wanted to try this set out because people freak out over Jouer liquid lipsticks. This set was also such a great value as I could try out five of their most popular nude liquid lipsticks and two of their insanely popular lip toppers. The liquid lipsticks are $18 in full size, and the lip toppers are $16 full size, so this set is really awesome for someone who wants to try out a ton of the shades. But the biggest downfall is that it doesnt come with a ton of product.

so to start with, this has incredible packaging that is so classy and gorgeouse! It is perfect for gifting and it would make anyone who received this gift feel so classy as they open the white and gold box. Especially as a color wheel of Jouer lip products are displayed. So the packaging gets an A+ from me!

next I'm goign to be going over the shades ...

Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Terra: a matte neutral deep ochre

Buff: a matte warm peachy nude

Dulce de Leche: a matte cool nude

Noisette: a matte warm chocolate brown

Melon: a matte warm pink nude

Creme Brulee: a matte warm nude

Lip Toppers

Skinny Dip: a metallic shimmering golden nude

Papaye: a metallic warm peach

Overall the formula of the matte shades is really nice. It is very comfortable and lightweigth. It isn't thick, so you dont feel it caking up on your lips. It is also the perfect formual for mixing and I have been mixing a tone of the shades together. My favorite combination is Terra and Melon :)

I included this picture of me wearing Melon so you could see one of the shades on andwhat the formula looks like on the lips

The shades I like the best so far are Dulce de Leche which is my perfect "my lips but better shade" and melon which is an awesome warm nude. I don't like the Buff shade on me as its really light or Creme Brulee and it washes me out. But thats all based on my personal opinion, and overall I think this is a great idea for christmas gifting.

Happy blogmas! See you tomorrow :)

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