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Blogmas Day 4: Holy Grail or Mega Fail? Tarte X Grav3Yard Girl palette

Hello and happy blogmas day 5! Today I'm going to be doing my second installment of my "Holy Grail or Mega Fail" series on the collaboration palette with Tarte and Grav3Yard. This came out during June during the summer and I was lucky enough to get my hands on it then. It has recently relaunched for the holidays and I figured I would do an updated review with swatches in case you were thinking of gifting or picking this up for the holidays. I have been using this palette for the past few months and I love the creative aspect of it. All the details (names, packaging, etc...) is just so Bunny and I love her channel. It is amazing to see such an awesome empowering youtuber working with such a big brand like Tarte.

Ok so packaging first. This palette come in a cardboard packaging and is so cute! It is made to look like wood and it has Grav3YardGirl and Swamp Queen written in gold letters on the front. Best of all, there is a picture of an alligator with wings on the front. While on the side there is a gold, reflect foiled effect. The packaging gets an A from me. I think it is sturdy, creative and cute, but I wouldn't give it a perfect A+ because I really prefer tin packaging like with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Sorry, that's definitely nit picky, but collabs especially ones that include so much are bound to be bigger as they are a collectors item as well. So it is very cute I just wish it was a little less bulky so I could travel with it a little easier ( I actually spent 2 weeks traveling with this palette over the summer so you can travel with it, I just wish it was thinner ).

Alright so moving on to the three face products. To start, these are my favorite parts of the palette! I think the bronzer, blush, and highlighter are all amazing formulas and colors. The formulas are creamy, rich in color, and don't kick up a ton of powder.

Sweet Tea Bronzer- a warm mid tone brown. It's a mid tone brown but looks almost warm chocolate esq to me. I used this constantly during the summer but I have long lost my tan and it is so pigmented that I sometimes have trouble using it because I have a lot lighter skin in winter. I love it for summer and once my skin tone can handle it I am gonna be wearing it a ton!

Does this thing really work blush- This is a sparkly cool toned berry pinkish blush. It is a very neutral blush that would look beautiful on any skin tone. It is super pigmented, so start off slow when putting this blush on.

Gator Wings Highlighter- This is a beautiful pink silver champagne highlighter. It is a very bold and shimmery highlighter so be warned this is not a natural glow. I personally don't reach for highlighters like this a lot but when I do this one is fantastic. I love it mostly as an inner corner highlight but it is fantastic quality and an amazing shade.

now I'm going to be talking about the eyeshadow. Now this is the part of the palette that I don't love as much, as there are some real inconsistencies in the formulas. So I'm going to be going shade by shade and I'm going to be grouping them by what I like and don't like.

alright so the shadows I really like are....

natural peaches- matte light brown peach shade

dogman- matte red burnt orange shade

big baby- matte white powder shade (absolutely amazing for setting eyeshadow primer)

sassy bun- amazing shimmering warm gold glitter shadow

uncommon- shimmery mid purple shade

these shades are super pigmented blendable mattes and creamy buttery shimmers.

the shades I like but don't love are....

#SFS- I use this shade a decent amount but not a ton. It is a shimmery pink color that is pretty but doesn't pack a punch like the Too faced Marzipan shade from the Chocolate Bar palette does. Because they are similar shades I figured I'd give you that as a comparison

haunting- light lilac shade

these are less pigmented but still have good color payoff and blend well.

and the shades I don't like are....

sippy sippy- a dark brown with thick gold glitter (crazy drop out as dark brown and glitter goes everywhere and doesn't stay on my lids)

mancat- looks like a dark purple but comes out as a dark plum brown color that isn't that cute

these shades just specifically needed to be better with fall out and the color pay off as the color was lost due to the formula.

Additionally the palette comes with a customized brush that goes with the packaging of the palette and three look cards that Bunny mad herself.

So is it a holy grail or a mega fail?

I would say it's not a holy grail but it's a nice palette. The three face powders are what really stood out to me so I would say if you are interested in the face powders and you are ok with the two shadows that have weird formulas then get it. I really like it! I still work with both of the eyeshadow shades I don't necessarily love but they are still workable and I like 7/9 shadows and 3/3 face products. So yes I would recommend getting your hands on this now if you want it for gifting or for yourself. It sold out very fast last time and I have to imagine it will be very popular during this launch too.

Thanks for reading :)

P.S. It's available at Ulta and the Tarte Cosmetics websites

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