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Week of the lip: Good Bye Christmas Red Lip

Hi :) Today I'm sharing an affordable red lip look that I have been in love with forever. Who doesn't love a classic red lip? Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Alright so to start I prepped my lips with my Burts Bees chapstick in the mango scent. I didn't exfoliate my lips, but I kept the chapstic on for a few minutes before I did anything else. Especially now that its winter its super important to moisturize your lips more and use something that will work. This chapstick works so well and its amazingly hydrating (and it smells super tropical/ summer-ish too).

Next I lined my lips using the Rimmel Exagerate Full Colour Lip Liner in the shade 024 red diva. This lip liner pairs perfectly with my liptstick, and I really like the formula. A lot of people talk about these lip liners from the drugtsore and I think the formula really supports this. What I don't like is that it is very easy to break and a lot of the product broke with mine. I think I'm to blame with this though as I dropped it. overall, I love this color and I love how creamy the formula is.

The lipstick is also from Rimmel and its the Kate Moss Matte lipstick in the shade 111- kiss of life. This was my go to red lipstick last winter and recently I have been getting back into it. It is a bright red in a matte formula. It is very opaque, the color is fantastic, and it isn't too drying. it isn't as moisturizing as the Charlotte Tilburry matte lipsticks but they are super affordable so I don't really expect that. I would say as long as you prep and moisturize your lips before your wont have a lot of issues with them being drying. These lipsticks are some of my favorites from the drugstore and I would recommend checking this color combo out for the anytime you want a holiday (or holiday reminisecent look now that Christmas is over :()) look.

Thanks for reading :)

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