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what happened to blogmas + week of the lip

Hi guys! So i wanted to come on and just say why I never finished Blogmas. I really thought I would be able to, or at least keep up with it for longer but honestly life just really got in the way. I had a super busy December and I just couldn't keep up with it. To make up for it I'm going to be doing "week of the lip" which starts tomorrow (January 1st). It is in celebration of the new year! I am hoping that it will act as inspiration for a change in you look, something new to try, or an excuse to pick up one of the amazing lip products up. Sorry about Blogmas! I really think your going to like "week of the lip" though!

Make sure you check back hear January 1st through the 7th for an exciting new lip look everyday :)

#blogmas #weekofthelip


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