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Week of the lip: Ultra Glossy New Years Lip Look

Hello and happy 2017! I hope your new years eve was amazing!

Today I'm going to be starting my "week of the lip" and today is going to be an all affordable lip look. This is a super festive, and bold lip look which is perfect to start the new year with.

To start I prepped my lips with the Lush Lip Scrub in Mint Julip. I love the minty-ness of this product and it really helps to remove grossness from the lips and to help them to be moisturized. Now that it is winter I would really recommend prepping the lips with a chapstick, lip scrub, or a lip oil, as it will really save your lips.

Next I outlined my lips with the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in 024 Red Diva. This is a bright true red lip liner which is so versatile. I honestly can pair this with so many different lip colors and its affordable! It is one of those really creamy lip liners, and I blended it onto my lips so there wouldn't be a defined line under the gloss.

Lastly I applied the Colour Pop gloss in the shade Wolfie. As you can see, this is a stunning gloss! It is a pinky plum red shade with an incredible amount of gold glitter. It is super pigmented and it screams New Years!

I hope you enjoyed the first lip look! Make sure to check back tomorrow for another lip look :)


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