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week of the lip: Dark Blue Grey Look

Hello and welcome back!

Today I'm doing a lip look that is kinda crazy! I wanted to include a look like this so you might be inspired to totally step outside of the box in 2017. I honestly want to challenge myself to do the same thing, so I think this will be a good way for me to actually do it. I have honestly had this charcoal grey lip color since spring (almost a year! ahhhh) and I was so intrigued by it. It was totally one of those purchases where I was like "oh my god" and then I never really wore it. So hopefully this will inspire me to try something kinda crazy!

To start with I used the Burts Bees chapstick in the mango scent to moisturize my lips. I kept this on for a few minutes and then I wiped it off so I could apply my lip liner.

Next I outlined my lip with the Loreal Color Riche lip liner in beyond pink so the grey shade wouldn't feather out. I think using a grey shade would be useful, but honestly the Colour Pop Satin Lip formula is really opaque, so as long as you create clean lines I don't think it is super necessary.

Lastly, I applied the Colour Pop ultra satin lip in Petit Four all over my lips. This gives a super opaque coverage and that is really important when doing such a statement dark lip. I love the ultra satin lip formula as they are really comfortable and really highly pigmented. They do transfer so I would recommend putting this shade on a few minutes before you need to leave, and then checking your teeth after so you don't walk around with lipstick on your teeth.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this crazy lip look and even try it out :)

Check back tomorrow for another (more wearable) lip look

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