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week of the lip: dark wine red winter lip look (Selena X Mac)

H! It's the final day in the week of the Lip!

I wanted to do something simple and I really wanted to use the Mac X Selena lipstick I got. This collection came out a few months ago and it sold out so quickly, so when it relaunched I knew I wanted to pick something up. I actually had one of those funny shopping experiences where I was just about to buy one color and it sold out, and then I just had to get the last color. So I was going to get the color Amor Prohibido which was a pinky brown in a glaze finish but I actually ended up getting the shade dreaming of you in a matte finish. And honestly, I'm actually super excited that I got this one because the red color is so dark and classic. It's not vampy but its the perfect deep classic red that is so pretty but also a little edgy. I love it!!!

Ok so to start I really prepped my lips as Mac matte lipsticks are on the more drying side. The retro mattes from mac are the most drying, and the mattes are comfortable but they can still be drying. I used my lip scrub in mint julep from Lush as well as an eos chapstick (the green one, I'm not sure what flavor that is?). This combination is awesome for keeping dry lips at bay!

Next I outlined my lips with the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in 024 red diva. I have used this lip liner in a few of the other lip looks this past week and I'm using it again (haha no surprise as I love it!). It is a true red but it blends into this shade pretty well a this red has a classic red hue.

Lastly I applied the Mac X Selena lipstick in the shade Dreaming of You. And that's it!

I hope you enjoyed week of the lip, and this Selena inspired lip look. I loved writing it and I cant wait to keep working on my blog in 2017 :)

P.S. I'm going to be posting new blog posts once a week on Saturdays

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