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Holy Grail or Mega Fail: Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette

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I'm super excited as today I'm doing a Holy Grail or Mega Fail? review of the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy palette. This is the first product from Kylie Cosmetics that I have tried and I was so happy that I received this for Christmas this year. I really wanted to try something out from Kylie Cosmetics but I had never convinced myself to actually buy something. I'm going to be really honest with you when I say that I kind of thought everything just seemed over priced. I love liquid lipsticks but now that it’s winter I'm way more into lipsticks, so I wasn't really into spending 30 dollars on a lip kit, and the eye palettes only came with nine shadows. Which isn’t bad necessarily, but a Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette has 16 shades and it is only a few dollars more. So, I was sort of unsure about trying anything out before this...

If you haven't heard about Kylie Cosmetics I don't know where you have been as these are such sought after products. Literally Kylie Cosmetics is gossiped, raved, and lusted over constantly. It is the cosmetic company of Kylie Jenner, who is part of the Kardashian clan (or should I say “Klan”). Her cosmetics sold out in minutes for a few months but she has since been able to keep her website stocked and has released lip kits, eye liner kits, lip glosses, and eye palettes. So Keep reading to see if the super hyped burgundy palette was actually worth it.....

So I honestly didn't think I would say this but... I honestly think this palette is worth it. I can't even explain how shocked I am about this as I didn't think I would love this as much as I do. I am not going to lie, I love the Kardashians and Jenners, and I love Kylie. I think it is so cool that she is succeeding her company, but I didn't think her products would be this good. These eyeshadows are super pigmented, creamy, and the shimmers shine! I love every single shade in this palette and I couldn't even say there is a single dud. I would definitely recommend this palette, but only for someone who wants a burgundy, brown, or gold eye look. This palette is not a super light neutral look in a palette and while you can get a neutral look easily, this palette is perfect for someone who wants to play with burgundy.

OK so now I'm going to go shade by shade and show you some swatches…

Naked- satin finish golden sand: This is the inner corner/ brow bone highlight shade and I really like the color. I think it is a really complementary shade to all the warm burgundy and brown shades in the palette. It isn't a blinding inner corner highlight and I do sometimes wish there was a more intense inner corner highlight as I sometimes do reach for a different one. I wouldn’t say it's a dud but I think it isn’t the perfect one for me.

Beach- matte finish light warm brown: this is the perfect crease/ transition shade, and I think Kylie hit it out of the park with this one. It is the perfect base shade to have that lets you create any kind of look that you want with the colors in this palette.

Penny- matte finish red orange: This is a color I haven't been using as much as I don't tend to go for orange colors. I do like this shade as it's beautiful and the matte formula is incredibly creamy and pigmented, but in this palette I really like the burgundy and brown shades so this one doesn't get as much use from me.

LA- metallic finish true copper: STUNNING!!!!!! This is the perfect copper gold shade for winter looks. I feel like this color just goes so well with the warm browns and the rich burgundies and it really packs a lot of pigmentation.

Burgundy- matte finish bright red burgundy: This is incredible as red/burgundy eyeshadows are often really patchy because of their formula. Kylies is super pigmented and blendable.

Dubai- metallic finish burgundy: This is one of the prettiest shades in the palette as it is a burgundy glitter that has some plum purple reflect to it.

Brick- matte finish dirty brick- This is the perfect warm brown option for smoking out an eye look or adding depth.

New York- metallic finish warm bronze- I love that this palette included three very different metallic options. The inclusion of New York really makes it possible to do a full brown smokey look as you can use the brown base colors (beach, brick, almond) and top it off with this beautiful bronze metallic.

Almond- matte finish deep red brown- this is similar to brick in its function but its a cooler darker option.

quick final review-

matte shadows- are amazingly pigmented (so pick up sparingly), they blend out well, and you get a range of browns, burgundy, and an orange shade.

Metallic shadows- beautiful very pigmented metallics, with a range of a light highlight, gold, bronze, and burgundy shade. Show up well but to have them really pop I would do crease and smoke shades on eye and then apply a base or additional eyeshadow primer on the lid to really increase the impact of the shade.

overall- This is one of the most versatile palettes that I own as you can create a burgundy, brown, gold, or orange based look with this one palette The shadow shades are incredibly complementary to each other and the formulas are amazing.

So is it a Holy Grail or a Mega Fail...

I am so surprised as it is totally a holy grail! It is my go to palette right now, and I have been using it since the end of December! I do think the price is a little high, and I would have liked a mirror in it but I love this palette so much that it doesn't really bother me. This is totally worth the hype, and it really makes me want to try out something else from Kylie Cosmetics.

Thanks for reading :)

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