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My current skincare routine and favorites

Hi! I hope you’re having an amazing day :) I have been having one of the best days as it was so incredibly warm today. Probably around 70 degrees which is insane as usually its cold and slushy right now. I went to such a pretty park and had the best time just sitting by a lake and being super lazy. It was one of the most incredible experiences I have had in a while as it was one of those days that just give so much perspective and really takes all the stress away! So, that was super random, but I really wanted to share it so if you need a push to go out and do something fun hopefully this might do it. I have also wanted to share my skincare routine and favorites as my skin has been on a roller coaster over the last few months. I have gone from normal, happy skin to very unhappy dry sensitive skin. So, I thought my skincare routine and favorites might be helpful for anyone who is going through a weird winter skin phase like me or who struggles with dry sensitive skin. Thanks for reading!

To start, my skincare routine is varied due to the dryness of my skin. There are some weeks where I can do a face mask multiple times a week and use a face wash every day. There are also some days where I would never use a face mask and I limit my use of cleansers and facial washes significantly. So, I am just doing my average day (dry skin but not super dry) skincare routine.

To start my skincare routine, I will remove my makeup or whatever is left of it from the night before. While I usually get most of my makeup off there always seems to be some mascara that doesn’t want to go. To remove my makeup, I use the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel. I have been using Neutrogena makeup cleansers/removers for a while and this is my favorite. It is a makeup remover/cleanser that removes makeup while hydrating the skin. This has been such an awesome addition to my skincare routine as with my sensitive skin some makeup cleansers can be too harsh and strip it of the little moisture it has. By using a moisturizing makeup remover, I can avoid this completely and add an extra level of hydration to my routine.

Next I will wet my face and cleanse using the Loreal Go 360 Clean-Ideal Clean facial cleanser. This is a cleanser that is specifically meant for sensitive skin and it has a milky creamy texture. I feel like using "milky" to describe it might be weird, but it has a very creamy texture that is gentle. I can use this regularly /almost every day and it doesn't irritate my skin.

As a teenager I do have acne breakouts. I am lucky enough to have minimal acne breakouts, and I pay a lot of attention to minimizing these breakout by having a good skincare routine. I had bad acne on my forehead last year and I was really struggling to get it to go away. I was using a ton of different acne washes and they just weren’t working. So, I got a prescription for Epiduo (the acne wash with the commercial with the unicorn cartoon) which I use at night. This has really been awesome at minimizing my acne. It's a super concentrated cream that really dries out acne and really helps to visibly reduce my acne. At first it really helped to reduce my acne on my forehead which seemed impossible to get rid of, but now that I have cleared up most of that I use it at the first sign of new acne. This is such an awesome thing to use if you have acne, and I would consider products like these if you were facing the same acne troubles that I had.

I will then apply my moisturizer which is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. This is a moisturizing cream that can be used on the face and body, and it is sensitive skin safe. I have really been loving this as I have had a huge reduction in my skin peeling and it has generally been much calmer. I use this in the morning and night and it's very affordable compared to other high end/ Sephora skincare products. The tube I have was $12 which is cheaper than some drugstore moisturizers. I really love it and I'm not sure what else to say about it. so, let’s move on.

Lastly, I use the Clinique Pep-Start eye cream at night. This is a citrus scented eye cream that does an incredible job at depuffing. I apply this at night so when I wake up my under-eye bags and circle are reduced. I have really noticed a difference in the darkness and dryness under my eyes after using this . So yeah, it really works to the reduce the general grossness I have under my eyes and it smell citrus-y and really wakes me up.

So that is my everyday skincare routine. It is simple and short but it really works for me and helps my skin to be happier. I am going to share some of my other skincare favorites which I might not use every day but are some of my favorites so I had to mention them....

So, as I have touched on already, my skin can sometimes peel due to dryness. If this happens I will take out my ultimate secret weapon against dryness and I will apply a generous layer of the Eucerin Intensive Repair lotion. This is an ultra-nourishing hydrating lotion that is meant for the body (but I use it for my face). If you have oily or normal skin I would say skip, as this is just for those with dry skin who need something extra to cure your skins SOS.

I really love the process of doing face masks and I want to find a moisturizing one which I can use (let me know if you know any good ones?). have been loving the Origins Clear Improvements charcoal mask since June or July. I love how it tightens and really draws out the impurities in my skin. I have been using it as a spot treatment recently to avoid over drying and minimize any crazy spots I have. This is an incredible mask and I would totally recommend it.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed my skincare routine and some of my other skin cares faves! Let me know what your faves are :)


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