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Holy Grail or Mega Fail: Too Faced Sweet Peach palette

Hi guys, today I’m doing a Holy Grail or Mega Fail review for the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I am so happy to finally be doing a review of this palette as I included it in a haul a few weeks ago, and I have been using it nonstop since. Thanks for reading!

I’m honestly not sure what I could say about the packaging of this palette that hasn't already been said. It is stunning and Too Faced has not disappointed. I really love the tin packaging that Too Faced does and I find that it’s sturdy and adorable. I really enjoy the packaging (both palette and of the box) and I think it really makes the product fun to use. I love how Too Faced always steps outside of the box and creates cosmetics that are so fun to use and make me feel inspired to create something fun every morning.

This palette also includes a three-look card which includes three easy to create eyeshadow looks. This is like the look cards that come with the chocolate bar palettes.

So, the basics of this palette: it retails for $49 dollars (which includes the palette, the box, and the look card). The palette includes 18 shadows, each at 0.03 oz, and has the now iconic sweet peach fragrance that accompanies the other products in the Sweet Peach line. The palette is also available at Sephora (where I purchased mine), Ulta, Macy’s, and the Too Faced website.

I really like this palette and I woud say that it has a very good quality eyeshadow formulas. In general I really love Too Faced ideas and packaging, but I often see inconsistencies in their formulas. In their Christmas collection, the glitter and matte shadow formulations always seem very different than the shadows in their bigger permanent palettes. When I was thinking of buying this palette I was nervous that the shadow inconsistency could possible extend to this palette, but I was happy to find it doesn’t. The mattes are very pigmented and blendable like those in the chocolate bar palette. The glitters are also the same buttery consistency and are very pigmented.

I really love this palette as it has the neutral brown shades that are a staple for me. It also contains peachy pinks and purples which allow me to step out of my comfort zone. If I am feeling very brave there is also the green shade, so I feel like this palette is very well developed. The colors just work and I've been able to create so many different looks.

I would definitely say this palette is worth the hype as the Too Faced shadows in this palette are great quality, the colors are perfect for neutral or more dramatic looks, and it is such a fun concept that is just too cute!

check out the swatches...

(top to bottom in swatches- or first row left to right in palette)

White Peach- matte vanilla cream

Luscious- pearl peach champagne

Just Peachy- shimmering peachy pink

Bless Her Heart- golden Moss

Tempting- bronzed black

Charmed I'm Sure- matte medium cool brown

(top to bottom in swatches- or second row left to right in palette)

Nectar-pearly peachy cream

Cobbler- peachy pinked bronze

Candied Peach- matte coral with violet shimmer

Bellini- gilded peach

Peach Pit- satin perfect raisin

Delectable- smokey amethyst

(top to bottom in swatches- or third row left to right in palette)

Peahces N Cream- matte milky peach

Georgia- matte peachy pink

Carmelized- dark gilded bronze

Puree- metallic dark bronze

Summer Yum- matte gingerbread

Talk Derby To Me- shimmering black violet

(shade descriptions from Sephora website and from what I thought the shade was. This should allow the best description of the color to come across as I have the hardest time finding the right words to describe the colors)

best shadows

Peaches N Cream- this is referred to as a "matte milky peach" on the Sephora website but in simpler terms it is a matte neutral pink shade. This is perfect for setting eyeshadow primer as it is a neutral shade that allows the color added over the top to pop and it's formula really smooths and sets the priming product.

Puree- a matte mid tone brown- is an essential to any palette in my opinion and this is such an amazing one. It is a super soft pigmented matte that blends out so effortlessly that it is both finger and brush friendly.

Summer Yum- this shade is fantastic for similar reasons to Puree. It is a great matte formula and it is a nice deeper warm brown shade that can really allow you to deepen and smoke out an eye look. If you are anything like me and you love warm eyeshadow, than this is a shade that you will die over!

Bellini- This is a beautiful pink shimmer that has a super buttery pigmented formula. I love shades like these and this one does not disappoint as it will last from day to night for me.

Delectable- matte dark purple- this is such great addition to the palette as it makes it so versatile and gives a smoke shade that works so well with the warm browns and peachy pinks. This shade has inspired me to create some more dramatic brown purple smokey looks that I have loved.

worst shadows

Talk Derby to Me- this shade isn’t bad but it lacks the same pigmentation that the other shadows have. I would say that it just doesn’t pack the punch that the other shade do and the shimmer is easily lost once applied.

Charmed I'm Sure- This shade isn't bad but there is a difference in the matte formulation between this shade and the others. I would say this seems stiffer and less blendable.

I would say this palette is a holy grail as it is part of Too Faced best eyeshadow formulation. This includes mattes that are creamy, pigmented and super blendable. It also includes shimmers that are buttery and have very little fallout. I love that the shades in this palette are all very neutral friendly, but they also lend themselves to experimenting with something a little more daring. I love the packaging, the idea, and how fun it is. Something that will never get old for me is how fun Too Faced makeup is. I love how they always remind me to have some more fun when I’m doing my makeup (and let's face it I need all the happiness boost on cold winter mornings).

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any questions or want me to create an eye look for this palette.



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