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Spring Lip Edit

Hi Guys! Today I’m going to be writing a spring lip edit post. I have been a lot more into nude lips than normal. I feel like I may be kind of weird when it comes to lip products as I usually go for dark lip colors rather than nude ones. Last year I spent most of winter and spring (and to be fair, some of summer) wearing the Mac X Ariana Grande lipstick. If you don’t know what this lipstick looked like, it was called a blackened plum (I literally know the description because I loved it so much!), so it's a vampy plum shade. I’m not that into vampy makeup, but I love the vampy lip. Or, what I should say is I used to love the vampy look… As this spring/ end of winter I am really into mauve, pinky, and brown shades.

1.Anastasia Beverly Hills- lip gloss in Vintage-This is a beautiful rose mauve lip gloss that is incredibly pigmented. I believe I mentioned this in my favorites (if not it will definitely be in the next one I do), and I had it in a makeup haul post a while ago. I love this, it is pigmented and it really breaks down well. While I want my lip gloss to last as long a possible (which this one does- I would say 2-3 hours glossy, then 2 more hours as a stain of color), I really want them to break down well. I absolutely hate when lip gloss breaks down into this thick residue that is left behind. This lip gloss does not do that and as I sort of touched on before, after it loses its gloss it becomes a beautiful stain of color. I would say this is the lip gloss for someone who isn’t normally obsessed with lip gloss. I like the look of gloss on other people and I’m always like, yeah I wanna wear it too, but then I can’t stand a messy gloss that my hair gets stuck in and gets everywhere. So, if you’re like me, I would definitely say look for a gloss like this!

2. Milani Amore Matte- liquid lipstick in Precious-This is an old favorite, and I would say it’s a lipstick that doesn’t really fit in a season for me. I wore it a lot last summer when I picked it up, and I feel like I wear it almost on a weekly basis throughout the year as its a “one-step” above nude shade. I love nudes (as I’ve said too many times before) but I like to have a little bit of a statement to my lip look too. This is a slightly darker rose nude matte liquid lipstick. It is super affordable as Milani is a drugstore brand, and it is a liquid lipstick that is very non-drying as it has a very creamy formula.

3.Rimmel Kate Moss- Lipstick in 104-I have rambled about this lipstick too many times on my blog, so I am going to try to keep it short. I love mauve nudes! I don’t know what it is but I really love how they mesh with my skin tone and my makeup, and I always tend to wear this one. Like the Milani liquid lipstick, this is not just a seasonal favorite as I wear this constantly. It is my most worn lipstick, and I included it as I live in it, and it is such a nice spring color. It has a comfortable matte finish that does a nice job of wearing down as it always ends up as a slight mauve tint on my lips after a few hours.

4.Mac- lipstick in Velvet Teddy-So, it was only a matter of time until I mentioned the infamous velvet teddy lipstick. I really love the color of velvet teddy and it is my go to lipstick for when I go for a bold eye look. I think that because it is so neutral in tone, as it is a pinky brown nude, it really meshes with a bright color and balances the look. The formula is not drying but also not moisturizing, I would say the Rimmel Kate moss lipstick is more comfortable but it doesn’t have as strong of a matte finish.

5. Charlotte Tillbury Matte Revolution- lipstick in Birkin Brown-Lastly, I included a brown lipstick. While it's been a lot of mauve and browny nudes, I have also been really liking the brown lip look. In January and early February, I was wearing a lot of brown lipstick and I was reaching for this one a ton. The Charlotte Tillbury Matte revolution lipstick is by far the most comfortable matte lipstick that I have ever used! It honestly feels so creamy and moisturizing on the lips but it gives a super pigmented matte finish when applied. I honestly don’t know how Charlotte Tillbury did it, but wow, as she really created the perfect matte lipstick. As for the color, it is a rosy brown that is housed in the infamous rose gold CT packaging. This is an expensive lipstick, but if you are looking for the perfect lipstick for everyday use that will not let you down, then you have to check this one out.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know what lip products you have been loving :)


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