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spring beauty essentials

Hi guys! Today I am doing a spring beauty essentials post. These are the products that have been in my backpack, purse, and (most importantly) on my face this spring. I see spring as such an opportunity to refresh my skin with a lighter fresher look and to ditch the vampy and darker colors (which I love) but are part of my winter look. This post features all the items I use to get a light, natural, and fun pop to my makeup.

Spring is probably my favorite season (or it is tied with summer) and it is always a time when I switch some things up. I love burgundy, purple, and darker shadow shades doing winter but by spring I am always ready to try something lighter. The Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette is perfect for this. I love using pink eyeshadows and mid-tone browns for a very light look. The shades I swatched are my go to’s for everyday eye makeup. I will usually use my fingers to smudge a light pink shade all over my lid. Throw a mid-tone brown in the crease, and a darker brown in the outer corner and voila! It’s done!

I chose this palette as this is the eyeshadow palette I own that is just so “spring” to me. It has those pink and brown shades I was talking about as well as bright pops of color. I love using the navy and purple shades as a spring pop of life to give your makeup a little bit of excitement.

I know I have talked about this lip-gloss so much but I’m honestly obsessed with it! this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills lipgloss in the shade vintage. This shade is a super pigmented rose lip gloss shade. It breaks down into a stain which is honestly what I love the most about it. I think light natural "stained" lips for spring are such a beautiful trend and they compliment the light makeup look to a T.

I know it probably so unoriginal to have a BB cream in a spring inspired makeup post. But… I had to. I feel like during winter I wear so much more makeup because I don’t have to worry about the heat melting it off and to add some color/ life back into my face. When it’s spring I love wearing a BB cream because they almost always have an spf to them- which is perfect as we all start to spend more time outside. I also just want to give my skin a break and use a quick and easy product. The Dream Fresh BB cream from Maybelline is my current go and I got the "fresh" formula one as it was for normal skin. There is also a Dream Pure (good for acne prone skin) and Dream Bronze (to give a sun kissed look to the skin) BB creams in the same collection.

One thing I feel like I have sort of missed out on is this whole highlighter obsessed-ness that everyone has been freaking over recently. I love the Anastasia X Nicole Guierro palette but I usually reach for something a little less intense for school and every day. While super intense highlighter are beautiful, I think that for a lot of people a strong highlight isn’t for them. That s why I love the Mac Strobe Crean- which is a light cream highlight. I love patting it on the tops of my cheeks to get a dewy look. It’s not very shimmery but it adds a really faltering dewy-ness to the cheeks. It can also be mixed into foundation or primer to add extra glow to the skin but to be honest I feel like to really see an a result I would just add it on top of my foundation rather than in it.

I also love the one step eye look and crème shadows are perfect for this! Using your fingers and having just a wash of color is a simple yet stylish eye look. I really like these Maybelline Color Tattoos as they are so long lasting and they come in a ton of different colors. I have the shades inked in pink and bad to bronze (which is such a raved about shade) and they give a metallic wash of pink or bronze brown on the lid. I think crème shadows are such an essential for spring as everyone is looking for a fresh easy alternative that you can do while running out of the door.

I think that while high fashion editorial makeup looks really cool it sort of freaks me out. I like stepping out of my make-up comfort zone sometimes but wearing a full face of bright colors just isn’t for me. But I love looking at the magazines and one thing I see a lot is a “stained” lip look. I do this all the time now as it’s a perfect way to do "no makeup" . I decided to show the Jouer Lip Cremes as they are a lightweight liquid lipstick that wears into a stain. I find that liquid lipsticks that last forever are nice in some circumstances but sometimes I like something that can wear away very gracefully. These do it and they come in a ton of beautiful colors. I have a few different nude-is shades in here as spring is really all about light, fresh, and pretty makeup for me.

Thanks for reading 😊

Let me know what your spring beauty essentials are


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