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Holy Grail or Mega Fail: Kylie Cosmetics X KKW lip collection

Hi guys! I am so excited about today’s post because I purchased the Kylie Cosmetics X KKW lip collection. The collection came out a few weeks ago and it was $45 dollars for 4 crème liquid lipsticks. This is a new lip formula for Kylie Cosmetics and I would describe it as a sheer to medium crème lipstick. It is almost comparable to the crème Anastasia lipglosses coverage wise, but they aren’t as glossy. They also wear as a gloss (transfer, and the color sheers out with wear). The shades are all nude (as Kim Kardashian West is known for her signature nude lip look), and range from peachy nudes to browner nude shades.

I knew I wanted to pick this collection up because I am a massive fan of both Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. I also find that usually in collaborations there are shades I wouldn’t wear but because these are all nude shades I feel like I would get a ton of use out of all of them. The new crème formulation also intrigued me, so I decided to try them out.

The collection comes in a beautiful pink box and has all four shades lined up within the box. The liquid lipsticks are in matte pink packaging, instead of the normal black Kylie Cosmetics packaging. I really love the matte pink packaging and the frosted glass as it looks so classy. I wish Kylie Cosmetics would have their normal lip kits in packaging like this as I prefer it over the normal packaging.

Moing on to the shades there are four different nude shades within this collection:

Kimberly-a light brown nude

Kim-a light peachy nude

Kiki-a light peachy rosy nude

Kimmie-a darker peachy pink nude

A lips swatch of Kim

So as for my opinion on this product I really like them. I was afraid that the colors would be unflattering on me because the Kardashians are so much tanner than I am. But, I think the shades work because of the creme formula. The formula when applied is thick but as you put your lips together it shears out a lot. This pretty much makes it a less intense version of the color in the tube. I like this because the nudes aren’t as light on my lips and relax into a light crème gloss and then into a lasting almost stain like finish on the lips. I like the way they look and the way they settle down but I wish they lasted longer. This is something I can get over because I think I would use these on a more natural makeup day or to balance out a heavy eye look so it’s fine for me personally. But I would say you need to reapply every four hours (maybe more) to really keep up the pigmentation).

So, I would say this is worth it for me, but I do think people who like more color payoff and not reapplying a lot would not like these.

Thanks for reading 😊

Let me know if you picked this up, or if your excited for the possible Kylie Cosmetics X KKW collection which might launch later on?


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