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how to rock a kendall jenner red lip

I think my favorite thing about Kendall Jenner is her staple red lip. I have to admit she is probably not my favorite member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but I love the statements she makes with her makeup! I decided to write a post with three of my red lips favorites (which are each different formulas, colors, and looks). I wanted to include a few different options as a traditional red lip doesn't really suit every skin tone and I personally love reaching for reds that are alternatives to a classic red shade. I think the real trick with rocking red is to find your "red"; and whether it's the classic red or not it will be prefect for your look.

The Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks are some of my absolute favorites, and I first heard about them from numerous bloggers/vloggers. Most of those people were all talking about the shade 107, which is a matte dark red with an almost berry hint. So, I knew I wanted to try it out but it literally wasn't in any store near me- so when I found it in Santa Fe when I was there last year I had to pick it up. I usually reach for this shade when I am at my palest as the dark red berry combination really complements my pale skin. This shade is a really great alternative to the classic red if you prefer a darker look or something that is effortlessly classy. Additionally, the drugstore price and creamy matte formula (which is so comfortable!) is an absolute plus as well!.

Who hasn't heard of Ruby Woo by Mac? It's almost a lipstick that everyone has in their collection because it's such a gorgeous shade! I love the tone of this lipstick and I honestly believe that this bright red is incredibly flattering on so many different skin tones! I can wear it when I'm very pale or really tan during the summer and I love it equally at both times. I would say the real draw back with this lipstick is the formula; as Mac Retro Mattes are just plain drying. If you have very dry lips I would say avoid this formula all together. If you want to wear it (as it's gorgeous) I would say you have to prep your lip so much (lip scrub and a very moisturizing lip balm before applying the lipstick) to be able to wear this one. The application is also tricky, as it is so dry that it takes a lot of work to get a good application. But, once on: the appearance and wear time is similar to a liquid lipstick and it will stay on for hours.

If you aren't into red lipstick, or the traditional lipstick format in general, this one is for you. This is the very comfortable Colour Pop Ultra Satin liquid lipstick in the shade Lyin King. This is a liquid lip that doesn't settle matte, but instead stays in a comfortable satin formula that transfers. I really love this formula and the raspberry tones within this red. It is the perfect shade for spring, or as a substitute for a traditional red. If you like berry tones or pinkier/ purple looks trying a raspberry toned red could be perfect for you. Along with the affordable prices, this option is amazing.

To rock a red lip, the first step is to find your red. I tend to play around with a few different tones, but dark reds are something that I gravitate towards. So, for me I don't usually go for a true classic red and find those darker tones ones to just look better. To have a good application a lip liner is essential. I rarely use a lip liner with nudes but with reds (especially dark/ bright ones) it is essential that you outline your lips for a nice application. The one I use under a lot of different reds is the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in the shade 024 Red Diva. Then I will use the lipstick in the bullet to fill in my whole lips and a lip brush (this is a really cheap one from Forever 21) to apply the color carefully on the edges on my lips if the lipstick isn't sharp enough. Then I will use concealer (my favorite is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer) to cover any smudging or imperfections around the lip line.

And that's how I rock a Kendall Jenner inspired red lip. Thanks for reading! Let me know what your favorite red lipstick is?


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