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Holy Grail $1 Black Pencil Eyeliner

(called Kohl Crayon/ Color Icon Kohl Liner)

Hi guys! Recently I have found that the drugstore has been coming out with some really amazing new releases and I have been so much more into drugstore make up recently. So much so that my high-end makeup has been more neglected as I have become OBSESSED with some drugstore faves. So, when I was looking for a new pencil eyeliner I decided to try out the .94 cent pencil (with tax it was about a dollar so I rounded up for the post title) from Wet N Wild. Now, old Brynnie would have looked at the pencil and thought “no, there’s just no way this is going to work” as I had this idea that Wet N Wild makeup just wasn’t good. Before my more recent obsession with some wet n wild products, I had tried: some nail polish, some mascara, gel eyeliner, and some lipstick. In whole; the nail polish was the best but all the products were all along the line of not really "the best" but could work if you really wanted them too. I found the mascara smudged, the nail polish chipped, the liner transferred, and the lipsticks were pretty shades but ultimately were very drying. So, I stopped using these products and moved on, then out of nowhere, I fell in love with the brand and had a renewed faith in their products.

These eyeliners are very creamy and blendable

So, I got two of the Color icon Kohl Liner pencils in two shades; Baby’s Got Black (black) and Simma Brown Now! (medium brown). These eyeliners boast a lot of claims as they are a new improved formula which is supposed to give 12-hour wear, rich hyper pigmented color, creamy application, and no smudging (claims from Wet N Wild website). They come in 10 shades ranging from blacks, browns, to purples and whites, so as for a cheap colored option Wet N Wild has given us one. These pencils are pretty long and must be used with a sharpener to sharpen (as they don’t twist up). Now, I only included the black eyeliner in the title of this post as truthfully, I don't like the brown shade. While it had the same creamy formula, the pigmentation just didn't last and I had to reapply often to keep the color in my water line. While, the black shade was amazing. It was ultra creamy, and applied very opaque. I thought that this shade was going to be just like the brown, not very good, but it stayed on through the whole day. I didn't try it out for the full twelve hours, but it was still going strong at ten hours post- application. It kept the same color intensity with very minimal to no smudging and flaking when I've worn this. So I would definitely recommend the black shade (Baby's Got Black) of the Color Icon liners, although I would hold off on the brown shade (Simma Brown Now) as it doesn't last very well.

I took this picture right after applying Baby's Got Black eyeliner to my waterline and after ten hours of wear I had the same intensity in my eyeliner!

Thanks for reading!

Let me know if you have tried this product out, or any of the other Wet N Wild products?

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