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My Summer Resolutions

I am a HUGE fan of making new resolutions. I guess I’m someone who just likes fresh starts, and while I can’t really start fresh every few months, I can find some new things to focus on. I am also someone who finds the summer the time where I am good at really making new resolutions a reality, as during the winter I feel like school, the cold, and maybe my own winter laziness all get in the way. So here are my summer resolutions…

My first resolution will probably make you think “you and everyone else”, as it’s the old classic, to focus on my health (i.e. stop watching YouTube videos and go exercise). So, my goal is based on trying to improve what I eat (which is the part that may go off the deep end- as I’m a donut fanatic) and trying to exercise more. As I’ve been thinking about these goals for a while before sitting down to write this post, I have actually started ton exercise more. I have actually been enjoying jogging recently. I haven’t become a wake up and jog or jogging is my life type of person, but going on jogs (and for very short periods of time; for runs- like really running) has become something I’ve been doing. For food, I’m going to focus on healthier foods and trying to curb my obsession with diet coke.

One reason that I feel like a lot of people have trouble with resolutions is that they only create ones that aren’t fun. I know that I am not serious (or focused enough) to give myself a list of very serious resolutions that I will actually follow. So, my next resolution is to find some time to really relax this summer. Manageable? I really really hope so. After school, this year I was just overwhelmed and pretty overextended. I know the life of a student is just too difficult (haha). But I wanted this summer to be relaxing so whether it’s easing into my mornings when possible, reading more, or doing whatever I want to find some relaxation and balance over the summer.

This is another goal that is also a little overdone, the old “drink more water” agenda. I had a point last year where I was so good at drinking water! It was crazy how my skin just cleared up, I had so many less headaches, and I just felt SO SO SO much better! So, I am going to try to rekindle my past love with drinking water so I can hopefully have those same benefits back again.

Lastly, I really want to enjoy where I am living now. I live in Colorado and it has some of the most beautiful hikes, lakes, and other outdoorsy things. I have done my fair share of outdoorsy stuff over the years that I have lived here, but this summer I really want to amp it up. As (1) it’s amazing, but (2) I finished high school a few weeks ago and will be moving away for college. So, this is my last few months in Colorado before school starts. While I’m super excited to go to a new place and find some new adventures, I really want to enjoy Colorado while I am here.

Thanks for reading!

Do you guys have any resolutions for summer?


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