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Beauty and Makeup Empties #1

Today I have a long overdue post which includes my makeup and beauty empties. I love reading these posts as I love hearing people’s opinions on the products and whether they would repurchase. So, that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing so keep reading to see my opinions on these.

So, the first products I have are skincare and priming products (pictured above). First, I have the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. This is a cream that gives intense hydration and has antioxidant boosters inside. I started to use this during the winter as my skin was very very very dry and I needed something that was safe for sensitive skin and would really work. I really liked this and I did (sort of) repurchase as I picked up the actual face moisturizer from First Aid Beauty. Next, I have the Too Faced Hangover RX Primer. This is a really good product and I LOVED using it. It has coconut water, probiotic based ingredients, and skin revivers, and is really like a primer/skincare fusion. So, as I said I really liked it, it worked well with my dry skin, made a huge impact on my foundation wearing, but it’s $34. I even got this with a coupon code so it was cheaper, but $34 was just too much for a primer for me. As 1) it’s good a priming but you are really paying for the skincare in this, and 2) with my skincare routine I didn’t really need it so it didn’t seem worth it. So, I love this product, but it didn’t really seem necessary as I was using other skincare ingredients and I found a really cheap primer that could make my makeup last. So, I didn’t repurchase it and instead purchased the Wet N Wild Coverall Primer. This claims to refine pores, fill fine lines, brighten the complexion, and even skin tone. I think the first two claims are true, but evening skin tone and brightening the complexion aren’t things I have seen it do. What I will say, is that as a primer this product is amazing! It is very affordable at $4-$5 a tube, and dries very smooth. It also really keeps my makeup on, and just as well as the Too Faced primer. So, I have already purchased a new tube of this (although it is from the Photofocus range, so I’m honestly not sure if it’s different or not- as the claims/packaging are nearly identical) and I’m excited to keep using these affordable primers.

Next, I have face products. First, I have my Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in the Dewy and Smooth formula in the shade 120. This is my go to foundation, and no matter what my skin is going through this foundation can handle it. It works wonders on my dry skin, and make it look so much more radiant and so much less dull. So, I of course have already purchased a new one and have (as expected) been loving it. The next product is also another favorite, and it is the Maybelline Instant Anti-age Rewind Concealer. I love this stuff, it is medium (to full) coverage and does a really good job canceling out the darkness under my eyes. I also love the sponge applicator as it’s so easy to apply and you can blend it out with your fingers or a brush as it’s so creamy. This was something I literally sprinted to the store to get as soon as I ran out, and sadly I am half way done with my next tube already.

I have one lip product and it is the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in the shade 024 red diva. I purchased this last year to go under my red lipstick and it worked really well. It’s an extremely creamy comfortable lip liner and it’s very flattering as it doesn’t accentuate any lines or dryness on the lips. But, it broke as soon as I got it. The first time I went to use it at least half of the product fell out of the tube and it crumbled every time I used it after that. So, I have pretty mixed feelings about this and I wouldn’t recommend it for a purchase.

Next, I have the one product I go through so quickly, mascara. I have been obsessed for years now, and it was the first makeup product that I ever really used when I started makeup. So, I love trying out new mascaras to find ones that really add volume, add thickness to the lashes, and will stay on without smudging or flaking.

The first mascara is the Loreal Voluminous Mascara in carbon black. I actually had this in my first haul on my blog, and I used it to death. It’s very black and it does add volume but it doesn’t add as much length as some other mascaras. It was a pretty dry formula, and it got a lot drier as time went on so it was hard to work with after a while. Overall it was good but I didn’t repurchase. Next is Benefit Rollerlash. I was expecting to be blown away by this as I have heard so many people rave about it. I think it just didn’t give enough volume and drama to my lashes, but did a really good job lengthening them. It also let my eyelashes droop (which sounds so weird) after a few hours, so I didn’t like that, and I didn’t repurchase. Next is the Mac False Lashes Extreme, and I didn’t like this mascara. I’m pretty confused as to why they call it extreme when it wasn’t extreme on me at all. It was very natural looking actually and didn’t add a lot to my lashes. I think if you like a natural lash this may be for you, but for me it just didn’t work out. Next is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, and I love this stuff. The hourglass brush is amazing, it’s very black and voluminous and it really works well. I used up three of these deluxe sample sized tubes and I really thought about repurchasing, but then I found my holy grail mascara right now. The Maybelline Lash Sensational! It is just as volumizing, if not more, and it’s so much more affordable. I have probably used four or five tubes of this mascara up and I have of course repurchased!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have tried out any of these products, and what you thought of them?

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