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Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks

As some of you guys may know if you have read some of my other blog posts, I am a huge lover of lipstick. Actually, you could honestly just say that I’m just a lover of lip products (as I truly have way too many but can’t seem to not pick more up, oops) and today I wanted to write about some of my ABSOLUTE favorite lipsticks. They are the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks and I have two; Glastonberry and Birkin brown. If you haven’t heard much about Charlotte Tilbury and her brand- the first thing to know is that she knows her stuff when it comes to makeup. As a makeup artist, she works with some major celebrities and the makeup looks she creates are AMAZING (if you are a makeup lover you should totally check them out) and has created a gorgeous and glamorous beauty line.

The lipsticks come in rose gold packaging which looks similar to some Estee Lauder lipstick packaging. It has an engraving on the top which has the Charlotte Tilbury logo, and there is an engraving on the inside of the component which says Charlotte Tilbury. The packaging is some of the nicest I have ever seen and has a heavier feel because of the nice metal packaging.

As I mentioned before the shades I have are Birkin Brown and Glastonberry. Birkin brown is a chocolate brown with a rosy hue which makes it much more wearable. This shade is so versatile as it could be used as a more nude lip on some skin tones or really work as a sophisticated and classy take on a bolder lip color on fairer skin tones. Either way it’s neutral enough to be equally bold and wearable, which is why I LOVE it! Glastonberry is pretty famous because of Zoella (youtuber + blogger extraordinaire). This was the way I heard about it, and I’m so glad I did as it’s a beautiful berry shade. It has a berry red undertone and a little bit of a plum tone to it as well. It’s very much an autumn/winter essential, but I love it so much I wear it all year round. I will say with this shade I find using a lip liner to be essential, and any similar shade one would work well. I use the Berry Naughty lip liner (read more about the lip liner Here) which is also from CT, as it’s just very well coordinated to the lipstick.

Birkin Brown lip swatch

Glastonberry lip swatch

These lipsticks are some of my favorites due to the formula; as it is the MOST comfortable matte lipstick I have ever worn. With many matte lipsticks to truly get a matte finish you have to compromise by getting dry lips. These are completely different and give pigmentation and a matte finish while moisturizing your lips. In fact, I have actually found that these lipsticks leave my lips softer after I have worn them (which is pretty unique for a matte lipstick) and this is due to the added ingredients (like orchid extract) in these lipsticks. The only downside to these is that they are not as long lasting as some other matte lipsticks and some shades (like Glastonberry) must to be used with a lip liner in my opinion.

Overall, I love these and I don’t regret splurging out on these as I wear these SO often and haven’t been disappointed in them at all.

Thanks for reading! Have you guys tried out the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks?

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