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the black boot heel that is a wardrobe game changer

Today I’m writing something just a little bit different. Maybe it’s the heat that I can’t seem to escape, my binge watching of Girl Boss (which has been unbelievably incredible thus far) or maybe that I’m really just in love with these heels. Today I’m writing a whole post about a pair of vintage heels that I am OBSESSED with.

To start, let’s imagine this... Me (brown hair, probably wearing bright lipstick (pinks have been a staple lately) and too much mascara, shopping at a thrift store) aimlessly searching through racks of clothing and accessories. Then turning around away from the racks of worn out T-shirts and pencil skirts to look upon the most amazing pair of shoes. Sitting between sequined sneakers and padded foam flip flops were these Sam Edelman’s. There was something that just got me right away. I think you could say that this is my shoe soul sister and it was the vintage shopping gods that crafted this perfect moment for us to meet. As soon as the clouds parted and I saw the shoes I picked them up, carried them out, and slid them on as soon as I reached my own house. That’s when you know a shoes good, when it ends up on your feet as soon as possible!

They are Sam Edelman’s with a 4-inch heel and some serious personality. I think what I like about these shoes can really be shown by the fact that they aren’t what I usually don’t like about heels (sorry for that mind bender of a sentence). Which would be: a pencil thin heel which makes you look oh so precarious as you walk. Also, I should note that I like a heel that really goes against a “dainty heel”- one which just gets in the way of walking, and may look cute but just makes everything you do more difficult. Not that those are bad, of course these are just my opinions. I just know that there’s no amount of good karma that could keep me from tripping in dainty heels. I want my heels to be a little bit bulkier, and are something that could be styled to be dainty in a dress or dressed up to be really edgy with a pair of vintage jeans and a t shirt (which has been my favorite way of styling these so far). The versatility is So here with these shoes. I also really love that they are a bit… well not flamboyant… but, daring. They are all black, with a large heel, and in the summer, can look a little “why are you wearing boots?”. Well why not really? I mean they are stylish, go with everything, and all while adding a touch of something unexpected to any outfit.

So, as you can tell, I’m in love with these boots. I’m also in love with the way that these boots are the perfect accessory to polish off my look (day or night). I especially like the way that at times I think, isn’t it kind of weird that I’m wearing these boots? It’s hot out, and I could just take it easy and wear some sandals and just wear something more basis. But I don't wear the sandals and instead I dress a little bit more daring but SO much more for myself. Really, I love the way that these boots inspire the most “I don’t care” style attitude in me. Which has been one of the best new philosophical/ emotional additions into my personal style/ life this summer.

Thanks for reading xx Brynn

as these are vintage I couldn't find them online but I have found some similar styles if you are as into these shoes as I am-

Sam Edelman Black Suede Bootied here

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