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Colour Pop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches

Today I’m so excited to finally be writing about one of my favorite liquid lipsticks. I have had these for over a year now (honestly maybe longer) and they have been on my lips so much over that time. They are the Colour Pop Ultra Satin liquid lipsticks; which are a comfortable satin liquid lip that doesn’t set matte. These were created as alternatives to the Colour Pop Ultra Matte lip formula which dries completely matte and is a traditional matte liquid lip formulation. The Ultra Satin liquid lips boast intense color pay off while providing a comfortable wear. I have tried both formulas and love them both, BUT, it has to be said that there is something I really love about these, that I haven’t found in any other liquid lips. These are my PERFECT alternative to matte liquid lips as they have such intense color payoff and they don’t accentuate the lines in my lips. These just look so flattering on and don’t dry out my lips. So, I will usually go for this liquid lip than a traditional matte one. I also love that these are pretty long-lasting as they are a thick creamy formula that settles into a satin finish on the lips. While it transfers it doesn’t take a lot of color of the lips and will still have good color payoff (and will not look patchy) after it transfers.

Colour Pop is one of my favorite makeup brands as I love how they have so many different shades and boast products I love at really affordable prices. These are each available at $6 and I have four shades to review. I did go a little (more than a little) outside my comfort zone when I picked these shades. Who knows why, I was probably just feeling daring on a Thursday or something like that. I picked up:

Marshmallow- a light lilac grey

Frick N Frack- a rosy terracotta brown

Lyin’ King- a berry red

Petit Four- a dark grey with a blue tone to it

here are the colors swatched on my lips:


Frick N Frack (sorry the image looks darker than the rest! the sun went behind the clouds when I was taking this picture)

Lyin' King

petit four

So as you can see I picked up a lot of bold shades and really strayed away from the nudes (although some of those shades looked SO SO SO pretty!).

If you couldn’t already tell I love these! The product is such a good alternative to a traditional matte liquid lip and at such an affordable price- you can’t go wrong. I would recommend Lyin' King or Frick N Frack as I feel like those two have the best color intensity of the four.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have tried these out or what your other faves from Colour Pop are?

check out the Color Pop Ultra Satin Lips Here


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