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New L’Oréal Lash Paradise Mascara Review

Hello, happy Wednesday! I hope you all are having an amazing day. Today I’m doing a review of the new Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara that L’Oréal had released recently. I featured it in a beauty and stationary haul (read it Here) and I got some interest in doing a review of it, so I’m doing that today.

First off let’s just address the elephant in the room- yes this is DEFINITELY a dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. The first tip-off is of course the packaging; both come in thin pink tubes and have similar type (although it's written in the packaging for the Too Faced one and it is written on it for the L’Oréal one. The next thing is that L’Oréal has very much created a similar “hourglass” shaped brush- which is a pretty unique feature of the Too Faced mascara. The Too Faced one is a little bit more hourglass shaped but the L’Oréal one is VERY similar (and really it works the same in my opinion). The formula is also very similar as they are both more of a wet buildable formula and are not very clumpy. They both add a lot of volume while adding length with minimal clumps. Honestly the biggest difference that I have noticed is that the Too Faced one flakes/ smudges on me sometimes, and the L’Oréal one doesn’t!

I picked up the mascara in the shade black and I believe there is a blackest black (or a darker black shade that is called something else) available as well. It retails between $8.99-$9.99 which is less than half the price of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, which retails for $23. So, although I would have never thought I would say this (especially as I was a die-hard fan of Better Than Sex last year) I like to think the L’Oréal mascara is a dupe, and is even better as it doesn’t smudge or flake.

Here is the before picture of my eyelashes- as you can see I have pretty long eyelashes but they are brown and are not naturally curled

Here is the after picture- as you can see the mascara has added a lot of volume and lengthened, all while being pretty much clump free. It is SO good that while I was at the dentists recently my dentist asked if my eyelashes were real and I was just wearing this mascara. So, I would say this is a really good affordable product that you and your wallet will both adore.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have tried out the new Lash Paradise mascara (or Better Than Sex mascara) and what you thought?

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