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Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask- A skin care essential for happy hydrated skin

I thought that today I would write a little post on one of the skin care products that I have been using (and loving) recently. It is a product from one of my favorite skincare brands, which is (as you know from the title) Origins. I really love the ingredients in their skin care, the products they’ve developed, and (as every blogger would say) the packaging! I’m overall a pretty big fan of Origins and I always look towards them for face masks. So, as a girl with skin that has a hard time with staying moisturized, the Drink-Up Intensive Mask was something I had always wanted to try out. A few months ago when I picked it up, my skin was the exact shade of a cherry tomato and had a level of dryness that was just NOT working out.

The mask is stuffed full of so many amazing ingredients some of which are; apricot kernel oil, mango butters, and the OG of moisturizing skin care ingredients, ol’ hyaluronic acid. It is a thick cream consistency and is meant to be applied as an overnight mask which you can wash off in the morning. This works wonders for my crazy skin as well as for my normal (less crazy) skin days as well. It reduced my dry skin patches, redness, and overall made my makeup apply smoother just after a few uses! Which was so impressive to me as months of using an old moisturizer hadn’t done anything close to that. As of right now my skin is doing relatively well, and except for my skin being a little drier from the summer sun or from the chlorine in the pool I’ve been going to. As my skin is doing a lot better and I use this about once or twice a week. I love having it around as I always reach for it if my skin starts to get a lil crazy again, or as it starts to get colder out.

Thanks for reading my ramblings on this mask!

Have you guys tried this mask out? Or any other origins products? Also any good dry skin/ moisturizing product recommendations?

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