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Minimal Summer Makeup Picks

Hi guys! Today I’m here and writing about minimal summer makeup. I’m honestly not a minimal makeup girl, and I adore a good ol’ full makeup look. But. The Heat is just too much for that (is anyone else getting pretty excited for autumn? Because I am!) and wearing more minimal makeup has been a recent savior. So these are my minimal makeup picks that are summer proof…

To start , I swapped out foundation for a BB cream. I chose the Maybelline BB Fresh as it’s a light coverage BB cream that has an SPF of 30. It’s got a light coverage but does a pretty good job of neutralizing some of the redness on my face. It’s got a good amount of oiliness to it, which is sort of a pro and a con (pro: feels very smooth on and gives a really pretty dewy finish, con: adds to any oiliness that builds up during the day) which can be combatted with a little extra powering. It’s also just very easy to use as I usually apply it with my hands and find that it never looks streaky. The line of Maybelline BB creams is also pretty well developed as there is also BB Pure (good for acne prone skin) and a BB Bronze (adds extra tan-ness to the skin). While the fresh one just gives a nice natural look.

Next is a cream blush from RMS Beauty. This cream blush is in the limited edition shade Vogue Rose as it's part of the Vogue X Birchbox collaboration that was available last month (which I unboxed here). I was actually really surprised that I ended up loving this so much as I honestly wasn’t sure what to think when I got it in that Birchbox. I had heard nothing on RMS Beauty up until I tried it out, and then I LOVED it! RMS Beauty is natural and organic and creates products that look to be essentials for a natural no-makeup-makeup look. This is a beautiful Lip2Cheek in a peach pink shade that blends out effortlessly on the cheeks (this is another product that is so easy to apply with my fingers and can be done brush free).

For eyes it’s super simple, a lil’ inner corner highlight and nothing else . I’ve been using the Nars Shadow pencil shade in the shade Vogue Rose, which was another item from the Vogue X Birchbox collaboration. This is really a look that can be done with any highlight or eyeshadow, as a shimmer applied to the inner corner of the eye does wonders to make eyes look bigger and more awake.

A brow product is essential for me (especially as I have bad memories of when I would wear a full face of makeup and never do my eyebrows, what was I thinking???) and I have really been liking the Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Gel. I use the shade deep brown and just brush it through my brows. It darkens them, helps to add shape, and lasts in the heat!

Lastly for lips I use one of my all time fave lip products! It is the Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipstick in the shade 104 (a pink mauve), and I apply a little bit on the top and bottom lip and then smooth it out with my finger. So, it’s a light mauve stain that looks incredibly natural.

And voila! Minimal makeup done and ready for a summer day!

Thanks for reading! Do you guys have any minimal makeup tips or faves that you use?


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