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What's in my bag?

Hello ladies of the web! Today I’m writing a lil’ post about the many things I have in my bag. Lucky for you, I cleaned out my bag before I started this post (so no gum in wrappers, old receipts, or more ghastly purse creatures will be present). I recently picked this bag up from Target (it is from the brand Violet Ray), which obviously isn’t the most glamorous place to purse shop, but for a clothes conscious student- it’s perfect. It is a pho-suede fabric that is pretty resistant to mess (so my clumsy butter fingers and the coffee they are usually holding does not instantly ruin the purse). It has embroidery detail of multiple flowers (which is definitely building off of the whole “embroidery” trend that is very popular right now- but I happen to love) and is (most importantly) small. I am not a big purse girl as: A. I have a strong inability to keep a purse clean, and B. small purses limit the impact of my messiness, and C. an over the shoulder bag is my “forgetful girl” life saver. The purse itself can be worn two ways; the first being for me, yours truly “forgetful girl #5” (I.E. over the shoulder with an attachable strap) or as a small purse with two small handle that sit on the top of the purse.

The bag has three pockets; a large one in the middle, and two (slightly smaller) one's on each side. The pockets are lined in light grey and white fabric which is perfect for highlighting the objects in each pockets, and for camouflaging the gum wrappers that survived my purse clean (oops). In the first pocket I keep my makeup bits. A small beauty mirror (for on the go pimple covering and lipstick fixing), Addison and Gates Fresh Citrus hand lotion as defence against dry skin, and too many lipsticks. I’m not someone who sticks to one color per day, and I want the variety of finish and color as well. So the ones in my bag at the moment are: Mac lipsticks (Love at First Bite, Dreaming of You, and Mcizzle), mini Tarteist Lip Paint in Birthday Suit, Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream in Precious, A Kylie Cosmetics X KKW creme lipstick in Kiki, and lastly a L'Oreal lip liner in Beyond Pink. Some may call it excessive, but I prefer prepared. In the middle pocket I keep my wallet (which has cash, gift cards, and such), my phone, a digital camera if I have that, and almost embarrassingly another lipstick (Jouer matte lip cream in Noisette). Lastly in the final pocket I keep my “productive” things. So a packet of tissues to avoid a snot emergency, two pencils and a red pen (as red is daring, sophisticated, and focuses- all things I feel I should be when being focused, but might not actually be), and lastly a little moleskine notebook (which may have a single embarrassing diary entry, which we will ignore). Thanks for reading about what’s in my bag (I hope I’m not the only one who’s bag is like a movable (mainly lip product) hoard, if your isn’t, tips for it to be less hoard ish?).

check out the bag from Target here for $27.99

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