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L'Oréal Pro Glow Foundation Review & Ramble

Hello interweb goers, it’s me Brynn! Today I’m going to talk (we all know I mean ramble) about a foundation. I would call it a review, description of my love for it, and another post focusing on how my dry skin is picky (and annoying) and this is something that works with it. To start, I think we all probably know about this foundation. I mean it was THE foundation of last summer. It was all over Youtube, blogs, and was sold out at a ton of my local supermarkets. So, I didn’t end up trying it out. Until, about a month ago. When I had spent about an hour watching Gossip Girl and doing my makeup. Only to find that my foundation had gone all streaky… again. So, I was over it and stomped into Walgreens looking for a new foundation friend who was glowy, def not matte, affordable, and dry (arguably crazy) skin friendly. And there it was, the L’Oréal Pro Glow Foundation.

Let’s get serious for a second. It retails between $11 to $13 dollars, as far as I can tell, I got mine for $12. 79. It comes in twelve shades, and is part of the L'Oréal pro- range (so if a glowy foundation isn’t for you, they have a pro matte foundation too). The foundation itself comes in a squeeze tube with a screw of lid, and has 1 oz of product (the standard amount for most foundations). Alright, now that the facts are done, time for the review. I LOVE this! I knew how many people loved this and to be honest I didn’t really ever pay attention to it. I thought, well it’s probs fine but I’m over here doing me, and I’m just gonna keep doing that. I was SO wrong. This foundation is amazing! Firstly as it is a dewy foundation that is available at an affordable price. It obviously isn’t the only “dewy” affordable foundation, but it’s a unique one as it leaves my skin looking glowy while still providing (what I would call a medium) coverage (that lasts!). The shades are also pretty well diversified in terms of matching undertones (although some deeper shades could be a good addition). What I really like about this foundation is that it knows what it’s doing. I feel like so many drugstore makeup companies try to make every product into a miracle worker. A.K.A a makeup product that can do everything, a "Meryl Streep" makeup product I could say. Meryl streep can do EVERYTHING, and to me… she does no wrong. So when companies try and claim something's going to be matte, long lasting, dewy, natural, good for skin, and easy to remove, I always feel like they are contradicting themselves in their own claims. Every makeup product can’t do everything, but this foundation (and the other foundations in the L'Oréal Infallible range) are marketed for what they actually do. So when you see pro glow, pro matte, or the newest addition- Total Cover Foundation (which is for long lasting coverage), you know what you are buying into. So, if you are looking for a dewy foundation this one could be perfect for you.

This foundation just melts into my skin and I really love applying it with a real techniques sponge as it gives a really flawless application. It does lessen some of the coverage, but another benefit of this product- it’s buildable. So, I just build it up if there’s something I’m really looking to hide. I also only have one complaint about it. It's that I would rather it be in a bottle than in a tube. As the top of the tube allows some product to escape and as it is full of product, it leaks! It's nothing major, but I do have to wipe foundation off the outside pretty regularly. So that's a flaw.

Overall, to sum up my rambles about this foundation (and partially Meryl Streep)- I would really recommend this for people who (like me) have skin that is more on the drier side of things. Those with normal skin would probably love this as well, but those with oily skin are definitely not the target audience for this foundation.

Have you guys tried this foundation? Or any of the other L’Oréal ones (specifically the Infallible one’s)?

Also... thoughts on Meryl Streep (I'm just curious)?

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