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Blogmas Day 1: Where I've been...

Hello interweb goers! It’s me Brynn!

I wanted to go ahead and make a return to blogging but it didn’t feel right to just jump right in with a normal post. So, I decided to do a little ramble, life update, and just general talk to about where I’ve been recently.

If any of you guys read my blog over the summer than you’ll know that I was very current on posting. I posted a couple times throughout the week and I loved it. I was really proud of the images I was taking, my posts, and I was following some amazing bloggers. I was also lucky enough to have some awesome bloggers following me and I’ve really missed reading their posts and commenting. Overall, I really like blogging and I really want to get back to it!

Around the time that my blog posts slowed down was around the time that I moved to go to college. Over the last semester I’ve been living in a new state and college has been a kind of crazy thing. The beginning was beyond crazy finding friends, getting used to classes, and figuring out dorm life. This semester has been a tricky one, and I felt like I needed to focus on getting things figured out before I could really write a good ol’ quality blog post.

While this semester has been crazy and hard, it’s overall been amazing! I’m finally living in the same place as one of my closest friends which has been incredible! I moved to a coastal town which for a mountain/ landlocked state type o’ girl has been an amazing change! Additionally I’ve also been getting used to non-stop rain (which is lovely at times, but I am definitely on a learning curve, tips anyone? Anyone). I was able to take a lovely roadtrip to Portland Oregon and spend time with my closest friends at amazing coffee shops, powell's book store, and then on the Oregon coast. One day we spent the whole day beach hopping and I don't think I’ve ever felt so happy. Our wonderful waitress at a small fish and chips restaurant told us about this off the beaten path beach called Oswald beach. We turned off of this amazing road that was right on the coast onto this small parking lot and then we took this trail to a huge beach that had amazing rock formations on each side. It looked like a destination a movie would be shot in! So in term of doing some awesome things I’ve been really lucky this year!

Things have been challenging though especially in terms of being away from home as I’m such a homebody! I really like to be homey and it’s taken a while to make my dorm room feel like a good environment. Especially as dorms are the definition of crazy!

Anyways! That’s my update. See ya on my next post!

What’s going on with you guys? Also is there anything you would want to see on my blog (I would love suggestions)?


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