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Blogmas Day 2: Hourglass Holiday Edit

Hello lovely ladies of the webb!!

I’m back! And with a review of something I am SO SO SO excited about! The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit that has been released for this holiday season. This is the third year that Hourglass has released a palette for holiday and they are usually quite popular. As Hourglass powders are pretty pricey individually and a sampler of their powders like this is a great way to try out the products from the brand.

The palette itself is housed in AMAZING packaging! I really prefer this year's packaging to last years as this year it is a rose gold metal (and last years was a marbled hard plastic). The palette also has a huge mirror inside which will be perfect for doing makeup on the go or for touching it up at a holiday party!

This years palette is also different from last years as Hourglass listened to the criticism that surrounded the Ambient Lighting Edit volume two from last holiday season. The shades were V light and catered only to small selection of skintones. This year the shades are all darker and and would work for light to medium skin tones. I really appreciate this improvement, BUT I think that Hourglass should really consider releasing the palette in two shades (fair to medium, and medium to deep) as this is an amazing product and it would be amazing for them to cater to more skin tones.

Overall, for me, the palette is a hit! I love Hourglass powders and would say that trying them out is more than an eye opening experience! I honestly didn’t think that powders could be that finely milled and pack such a punch of color. I use hourglass powders on the daily and I reach pretty exclusively for their highlighters (strobe powders) as I love a natural highlight and these are incredible for that!

from top to bottom: dim light, hypnotic strobe light, dim light, luminous bronze light, surreal halo, pure effect

As for the shades there are three which are existing powders in the core collection, and three that are new and exclusive to this palette. There are two ambient lighting powders included in this palettes. If you haven't heard of ambient lighting powders they are finishing powders which literally soften your skin and make your face look incredibly air brushed. I use it under my eyes to get rid of lines in my concealer and it makes my under eyes look so natural and flawless. The shades are Diffused Light (a fair, almost translucent white powder) and Dim Light (a light beige powder) and each work wonders! The final shade which isn’t new to this palette is the bronzer in Luminous bronze. I have always been eyeing the bronzers, but individually the price tag is MAD at $50, so I am SO SO SO thrilled that they included this is the palettes. It is a shimmery bronzer that has the perfect undertone to make you look like you have a natural summer tan.

There are two new blushes and a new highlight included in this palettes. The blushes are berry toned and look amazing with the berry lip I’ve been wearing more recent;y. Surreal Halo blush is a marble plum colour that packs a ton of pigment. For me I touch it very lightly with my brush and apply it to my cheeks lightly to get a perfect berry glow. It is such a good shade that can be built up or applied lightly to work for a lot of different skin tones. Pure Effect blush is a marbles raspberry ink shade that is a little lighter but also so flattering. Lastly the highlight, my fave from Hourglass, is called Hypnotic Strobe Light. It is pink champagne color that is a very glam shade. All the other colors seem to be a little more natural while this one has some looser shimmer and is a little bit more intense than the other Hourglass highlighters I have.

Sooooooooooo, I really like this and I am again happy that I picked up the new Hourglass holiday palette. The quality is identical to hourglass’s other powders and the selection is so perfect for fall in my opinion. I would def give this a recommendation!

Have you guys heard of this palette/ tried it out? Any holiday releases you are looking at?


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