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Blogmas Day 4: A love letter to my favorite pair of shoes

Dear DR. Martens,

First and foremost. You know I couldn't have done it without you.

I remember when me and my mom were hunched over our past computer as we searched for a pair of Dr.Marten to buy. It was huge sale and I had just come back from a visit to Portland where my best friend and her whole family had gallivanted around in an incredible array of Dr.Martens. They splashed with them in the rain. They ran with them. They paired them with incredible skirts and everyday jeans. The shoes just worked with anything. So I knew, Dr.Martens were going to come my way.

You were exactly what I was looking for. Not the traditional boots, nothing too out there, and of course something with a heel. You were perfect and you arrived in the mail just in time to finish out the end of the school year. I was in my brooding artistic faze then. I spent too much time making clay bowls and wearing a gigantic purple sweater. It was a point in my life when my style was… interesting. I was interesting, and my Docs, well you were there for me.

You gave me a boost. An about four inch boost of’ height and happiness that another pair of shoe just couldn’t give me. I’ve spent so much time wearing you I forget that I’m not actually four inches taller.

I know that I’ve given you hell. I’ve dragged you through the summer streets. The hot sun and ice cream drips that never did do you well. But you held up! I wore you into the fall months, leaves blowing down the road and dust on the ground. Winter slush was a must. Spring grass, you had me through all that.

Now, we’ve got the rain.

It’s new I know. There a lot more late night, cafeteria meals, and rain puddle moments now. You're doing great though. Rolling with the punches as much as a pair of shoes could. Especially now that my converse recently faced an unsavory fate in Seattle. To spare you of the details, the seattle night did not spare my shoes.

Your always there. And for that, I want to say thanks.




Please don’t fall apart! I don’t know what I would do!

*Hey guys! This is just a fun post I thought could be cool to do with blogmas. Just another way to talk about something I’m loving. I hope you guys enjoyed, and I hope it wasn't too weird haha*

my lovely pair of Dr.Martens aren't made anymore unfortunately but here are some similar styles I could find. Docs are very well made and are such a fun brand.


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