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Blogmas Day 7: A Mini Lush Christmas Haul

There’s something about Lush that just screams christmas to me!

It doesn’t matter if I’m there in summer and it’s as far from Christmas as you can get, I still always associate Lush with Christmas. This is definitely not something that is unique to me as Lush products are such a staple in so many peoples pre-christmas and holiday festivities. Over the years I’ve made some firm favorites (butter bear and golden wonder are incredible!) and this year I wanted to pick up a few bath bombs to test out.To be honest, I was very influenced by these amazing employees at my Lush store. They were SO V V V EXCITED and V V V HELPFUL. They gave me a huge run down on everything they had and I walked out with three bath bombs that look amazing! I’m also guaranteed to go back once I’m back from school as there are some other products from the range that I HAVE to try (just out of curiosity, has anyone tried a jelly bomb??? I’m just crazy intrigued!).

My first pick is a bath bomb called Shoot For The Stars. This is the only one of the three that I’ve had the chance to use so far and it made for an AMAZING bath! It’s meant to look like the night sky (i.e. shooting star as a very clever name). With it’s range of blue colors, golden star shaped bath melts, and amazing gold glitter, it looks like an amazing constellation in your bathtub. It smells of honey and citrus and is pretty hydrating for a bath bomb because of the bath melts inside. I loved this one!

Next is the Christmas Sweater bath bomb which is red and white (and has little white deers on the front (like the pattern of a classic Christmas sweater). I picked this one up because of its “spicy” scent (which def makes me think that it’s chili pepper scented or something but it’s not of course). I really LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lord of Misrule bath bomb that Lush does for the halloween/fall season and which I missed out on this year .So, I wanted to go for anything that was on the “spicy” scent spectrum.With its spicy clove bud, coriander seed, and sicilian lemon oils I’m sure this will be incredible! This was also a new bath bomb to the Christmas collection and I have seen a few people haul it so I can’t wait to try it myself.

Last is a total classic that I just never got around to trying. It’s Luxury Lush Pud of course! This is one of the first Lush bath bombs I think I ever heard someone talk about and I’ve always been interested in it but I've always just gotten distracted with different bath bombs. But this year, I was super determined to finally try it out. This bath bomb is for total relaxation (i.e. sitting in the bath, watching gossip girl or something equally amazing, and just oozing calm) and with its lavender scent I’m sure I will be.

Have you guys picked anything up from the Lush christmas range?

any suggestions?


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