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Blogmas Day 9: A Christmas Lip Edit

If there's one universal thing in the makeup world it’s that Christmas calls for a red lip. In a huge amount of holiday collections new red shades are launched, classic red shades from existing collection are promoted, and we all just seem to wear red! It’s just part of the holidays if you like beauty!

So, it seemed only fitting to do a red lip inspired edit. I tried to include a good variety of “red” shades as I know that with school right now I’m not going to be sporting a bright red lip during finals. So, I’ve included some more wearable red shades too!

First off are three lipsticks!

My first pick is a new lipstick to me and it is the Rouge Dior lipstick in the shade Rialto. I included this in a recent Blogmas post as something that’s in my current makeup bag and boy have I been LOVING it! This is my red for school as it’s a cherry red that is in a satin/semi-sheer finish that is V natural and flattering. It’s enough color to be red-ish but not RED, ya know, it’s perfect for everyday and the formula is AMAZING too!

Next is a total classic. It’s really a celebrity in the lipstick world. It’s Ruby Woo of course! This is very very matte lipstick (it’s the Retro Matte formula from Mac) and will stay on like any liquid lipstick will. Application takes a little longer as it’s a pretty dry formula but once on, it’s on for a good! This is perfect for a long holiday party or if you just want a statement holiday red that lasts.

Lastly is a drugstore option that is 111 Kiss of Life from Rimmel. It’s a matte affordable option that is V similar to Ruby Woo in it's shade. It differs on formula though as it is a much softer matte that is more hydrating. It doesn’t last as long but it’s much more comfortable while it’s on!

Next is a liquid lip, gloss, and liner!

For a liquid lip I went with an “alternative” red shade with Colour Pop’s Lyin’ King. This is more of a berry red and is in an Ultra Satin finish. The Ultra Satin finish is amazing for comfort but it’s a bit tricky to wear. It does transfer so it takes a little bit of blotting and careful application to wear it well.

For gloss I included Pink Hydrangea (I keep calling it Pink Hydra for some reason) from No. 7. This is another wearable red option as the gloss gives just a touch of red and a healthy color to my lips. It’s on the sheerer side for a gloss and is V easy to wear.

For a lip liner I wanted to include my go to from Rimmel in 024 Red Diva. This is my second tube of the lip liner and I really love it! It’s a true red shade that is in a V creamy formula. It’s a screw up lip liner so there's no sharpening involved and it’s affordable!


From top to bottom: Rialto, Ruby Woo, Kiss of Life, Lyin' King, Pink Hydra, and Red Diva

*Lyin King can be found on the Colour Pop website

*Pink Hydrangea can be found on Target

There are my Christmas lip picks?

What is a christmas lip pick of yours?

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