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Blogmas Day 11: Three to Try from Maybelline

It’s been *forever* since I’ve done a “three to try” post and I decided today would be the perfect time for my next one. I decided to do it on Maybelline as it’s such a classic and affordable brand that I use every single day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maybelline makeup and it’s been in my makeup bag since I started (so it’s just a wee bit sentimental to me). Here are three products to try from Maybelline!

To start with I wanted to share what I have been using A LOT this year as my base and it’s the Maybelline Dream BB cream. I LOVE this stuff! I picked it up when I was doing a lot of exercising last year year and I wanted something that I could wear during the day that would be light, have some spf, and I could wear while playing the sport. Turns out, I love it so much that I've worn it almost all of fall! It’s a V light coverage but it gives enough of a tint for my skin that it looks SO much healthier. I also like a light coverage as I can apply a heavier concealer where I need to and let the rest of my skin just breathe.

Next is something that if you’ve read past blog posts you’ll know I LOVE! It’s the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer and it is great! I used to say it was a medium full coverage concealer but after seeing what full coverage could be with the Tarte shape tape I feel like it’s more medium. The sponge applies the product V easily and it blends out so well. It reduced the look of my dark circles and look SO natural! It’s a V old fave of mine!

Lastly are the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow pots. I have the shades Inked in Pink and Bad to Bronze (which is quite widely loved) and they are really great affordable shadows. I would say that with all of these products I’m showing you they are quiet beginner friendly and I use them on days when I’m running out the door. These apply so easily with my fingers and last forever!

What are your guy’s favorite products from Maybelline? Any one’s I have to try?

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