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Blogmas Day 12: Brands I want to try more from...

I think we must all know this feeling.

It always happens to me after trying an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G product out form a brand and I become obsessed with wanting to try more! I always find myself scrolling through the brands page on Sephora or strolling through stores just oohing and ahhing at what’s there. I want to share a few brands that I want to try more from as I have LOVED their products in the past!

One brand that I’ve recently got the itch to buy from again is Too Faced. Too Faced is a staple in my makeup routine (specifically in eyeshadow) and I’ve written about their products in SO SO SO many of my blog posts. Too Faced was actually the first brand I ever bought high end makeup from and I will always have a place for my heart for them. Besides using their eyeshadows (the original chocolate bar and sweet peach are some of my most used palettes) and an amazing baked blush (peach bellini) I haven’t actually tried anything from them recently. I don’t really know what it has been but I just haven’t been drawn too any of their recent launches until the chocolate gold collection came out. I love the look of the Diamond highlighter as it looks like such a fun and pretty shade! I’m also SO drawn to the chocolate gold palette as the shimmer shades look stunning and you can’t go wrong with some more shadows (right!).

Next up is Wet N Wild! I find Wet N Wild to be a really interesting brand as some of their products are amazing and are sold at *such such such* affordable prices! I love their mega glow cream products that launched during the summer and the “when the nude strikes” highlighting stick has been well loved recently! I’m really interested in the megaglo highlighting liquids that have recently launched as they look like possible drugstore dupes to some more expensive liquid highlighters (Anastasia maybe?). I’m also super interested in trying out the mega cushion foundation they launched and I can’t wait to search through all my local supermarkets to try to find it.

My last brand is Stila! Another F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C brand that I’ve raved about quite a bit in blog posts! I was really impressed with their stay all day liquid liner which really manages to last all day (and through everything! Some tears included)! I really just love their stay all day range as the products actually last forever and there is such a fun array of them! I picked up the stay all day liquid lip in the shade “chianti” and it’s become a firm fave for parties. As I really love plum lipsticks with my skin tone and this formula lasts through everything! So no touch up are really necessary after eating and drinking! This brand is one that I have SO much I'd love to try but the magnificent metal liquid shadows are at the top of my list. I’ve heard so many people rave about them and they look stunning! I’m also not opposed to trying out another liquid lip (firenze and biscotti look like crazy cool shades), but, the real question is if I need another one (as I do have a *slight* obsession with lip products).

There are the brands I currently want to try more from. Have any of these items interested you? What are the brands you want to try more from?


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