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Blogmas Day 16: A good ol' beauty haul


I’m finally back with another blog post and YES I did miss a few days of blogmas (the 13th and 14th and 15th to be exact). It’s been a bit of a week! The kind that’s really good but just full of deadlines, goodbyes, and airport time. But, instead of being kinda sad about missing those days I’m going to just focus on this post! It’s actually been F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I've done a real makeup haul but I have some fun bits from Sephora and some from Marshalls to share!

To start I have two skincare bits from Sephora. The first is a repurchase of the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal face mask. Origins masks are a lil more expensive at $26 BUT I really love them as they last me (again) F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I bought my last one what must have been a year and a half ago and I just finished it. I use the mask on my forehead, nose, and chin as a way to manage acne. I’m 18 and while my skin is coming (*thankfully*) out of it’s more acne prone faze, it does still break out. This mask does something kind of amazing for acne, and it’s that it really pulls the gross acne causing stuff out of my pores. I put it on and while it’s intense it works so well to clean my skin and I always see a huge difference in my acne afterward! It’s a bit of a pricey splurge but if you have acne and are looking for a new way to help it this could be amazing for you.

Next is an eye cream! I talked about my current eye cream in my “skin saviors” post from a couple blogmas posts ago. But. I also talked about my recent foray into eye cream. I bought my first eye cream for two main reasons. First, because I have dry sensitive skin and my cleanser had just done something to dry out my under eyes! Also, and on a much less influencing but enough to say it note, I also saw an interview with the incredible model Ashley Graham and she said she had used eye cream since she was around my age. So in an attempt to be anything like Ashley Graham I've taken her advice. I picked up this eye cream as a backup for when my next one runs out as I’ve always been interested in the Origins Ginzing range and had never had a need to try anything from it before. I also thought I might possibly gift it to my mom as I think she’d enjoy it!

Lastly is something more necessary, and possibly boring, but V important. It’s a pencil sharpener from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I was really in need of a pencil sharpener as I couldn’t find one at my local supermarkets and I was in desperate need to get my Nars Vogue Rose eye pencil back to work!

I also went to Marshalls which is such a hidden secret for makeup lovers. If you love makeup and want to search for a deal then Marshalls is your place! Marshall's is similar to Nordstrom rack So think of Nordstrom being filled with amazing high-end pieces and Nordstrom rack being filled with the older, offseason, discounted items. Marshall's is like Nordstrom rack and is filled with discounted clothes and makeup. I love sorting through the makeup there as there is ALWAYS some awesome discounted makeup (I’ve seen Marc Jacobs, Too Faced, Stila, Bare Minerals, as well as drugstore brands there). I picked up the Stila Shape and Shade Contour palette in the shade light. The palette includes two shades: one a cool toned contour and one a matte concealer shade. I’m SO excited to give this palette a try as I really love Stila makeup and at $10 to the $40 it’s currently listed on Sephora, I think I scored an awesome deal. I'm also such a lover of Stila and I even mentioned in a recent post that I wanted to try more from the brand.

The last item I picked up was also a discounted one from Marshalls and it’s my first ever Clarins product. I’ve never been too aware of Clarins but I’ve always recognized it to be a really sophisticated brand with some stand-up products. I really never knew where to start with trying anything from the brand so I'm SO glad I found a Clarins Joli Rouge lipstick in the shade Tulip Coral. I believe this is a limited edition collection of their Joli Rouge lipsticks. Usually, the Joli lipsticks are more pigmented and matte while this LE formula is a more transparent and sheer formula. I believe that they are sold at $29 and I got mine at $8. The shade looks like a sheer coral and I’m so excited to (again) foray into the Clarins makeup world!


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