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Blogmas Day 17: Currently on my reading list...

I have always found that winter is my season to read.

I couldn't tell you exactly what it is that gets me to just start reading again but like seasonal snowfall, I’m always a seasonal reader.

It almost feels silly to say as aren’t we all readers in winter? I know when I was younger I would usually receive a book under the Christmas tree or use my gifted money to go pick one out from my local bookstore. The snow that falls in December and just the colder weather always brings me back to my favorite coffee shop on 17th. Where a large glass window looking out from the coffee shop onto the street and lanterns hanf from the trees. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good chai or hot chocolate and just reading to the quiet buzz of coffee shop conversations is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E.

Winter IS reading season.

As a seasonal reader and someone who could be found in that amazing coffee shop a lot this season, I thought I'd share a reading lately post of what I’m reading.

The first thing I want to read I have failed to before. It’s an incredible book by Arundhati Roy, an Indian author, and activist, who wrote one of the most impactful books I have ever read. The God of Small Things, Roy’s last novel, is truly moving and eye-opening. The story of a family in India and their changes as time passes is incredible. I’m a possible English major so I have to take a moment to just applaud her wording! It’s like poetry on every page! Forget page, in every sentence! Over the summer Roy came out with “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness”. The book is written with just as much passion and eloquence, yet it is dark. As was “The God of Small Things” but the non-chronological storytelling in Roy's most recent novel and the story of a transgender female work to create something So emotionally impactful. I really want to finish this book as I admire Roy so much as an author and am so interested in seeing how the story ends.

Switching it up a little bit I also want to catch up on Man Repeller posts. Man Repeller is a site started by Leandra Medine, Someone who I just love, and it is focused on empowering women to dress for yourself. Making the title "Man Repeller" so fitting! I love the content as it’s so innovative and honest. The stories they share are incredible and well written. I also love that nothing is too serious! But, a lot of it talks about the things we all have rattling about in our head. I would recommend the horoscopes as a place to see how creative the site is and a browse through their past posts will show you at least one you want to read! I know this post is about reading, but let’s say you hate to read and for some reason, you still clicked on this post, the Monocycle podcast by MR is SO worth a listen!

As it is the holidays I have already pulled out my amazing illustrated copy of A Christmas Carol as it is such a classic pick. I love taking some time to reread parts of the story or just enjoy the lovely illustrations. This is such a timeless Christmas favorite!

Lastly, I’m planning on keeping up with all my favorite blogger's posts! I’ve been loving blogmas and reading all the fun post has been nothing but amazing!

What is on your current reading list?

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