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Blogmas Day 23: Favorite films for the holidays...

I have officially reached my point of highest holiday spirit! I spent a night making Christmas cookies (which I truly tried to decorate nicely but they turned out kinda funky), wrapped presents, and spent last night watching a Christmas movie. So! I thought why not share my favorite films for the holidays as it’s the perfect time of year to watch too many movies while drinking too much hot chocolate!

To start I have the movie I watched last night, The Christmas Prince. This movie is a Netflix original and is along the line of a Hallmark Christmas movie. I would call it a bit cheesy but SO good (if you don’t like cheesy Christmas Movies this may not be for you). It follows a young journalist as she gets an assignment to cover a prince's coronation BUT the prince may reject his throne! It’s filmed at a castle and the decoration, snowy village, and the romantic Christmas ball at the end all make this a firm favorite for me.

Next is a true Hallmark one but this is for someone who likes a good ol' cheesy movie. 12 Dates of Christmas is a Christmas take on Groundhog Day. As lonely women must use her recurring 12 days up until Christmas to get to know her blind date and start a Christmas romance. This one is pretty funny and I love how seriously light-hearted it is!

The Home Alone movies! Do I even need to say anything more? These movies are true classics and are such an iconic Christmas staple. Personally, I like home alone 2 better as Christmas in New York has looked amazing to me since I was little. If you haven't seen these a spunky young boy gets separated from his family on Christmas and must (humorously) mess with some robbers while looking for his family.

Lastly is Love Actually! This movie follows many interconnected people around as they look for love and happiness in the holiday season. I love it as it has some humor, the stories really hit you at the heart, and it's so festive! Such a classic as well as a much less cheesy suggestion when compared to my other ones.

So there's my list! I wish you an amazing rest of your holiday season and hopefully a lot of time watching some amazing Christmas films!

What are your favorite films for the holidays? Have you seen any of these?

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