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My New Years Resolution...

Happy 2018! *cue never ending confetti and streamers*

As anyone who blogs does, I’m actually writing this a couple days before it’s posted which means before the new year starts. As I’m doing this, I’m literally holding my chai for dear life and thinking about how an ENTIRE year could have gone by SO quickly! I don’t know if people like this exist… maybe you could be someone who feels like this year has been paced well. BUT. I honestly couldn’t describe it as anything but “whirlwind”. It’s been an amazing year but I almost feel like you could compare me to Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia, singing the verse “slipping through my fingers all the time” as I watch moments from 2017 fly by me (instead of a daughter in Greece, obviously). It’s just gone by so quick!

I think that’s why I have had SO much trouble with this resolution business. I want to be the kind of person who writes a list of oh-so productive things and just hops right on to it in the new year. I’ve found a list of new year's resolutions to just become a list of half achieved goals. So, I really only set one big new year's resolution (I actually wrote about this Here, as I only set one big resolution last year and achieved it). I like it to be vague and I know that for a lot of people this wouldn’t be helpful. I was actually talking about this crazy resolution business with my friend and she loves a god fun resolution. Like forget about anything serious she just does something she’ll remember and that works for her. I know there are also people who will do something big and define it so clearly. It’s such an individual business so take my way of doing it with a grain of salt.

My resolution for 2018 is to be more fearless. Last year I worked on just leaning into it, and why I loved that and I feel like I’ve become much more of a true embodiment of me… I do see a lot of room for growth for me to be more fearless.

I’m looking to cut my stress in the new year and to work to go with it a little more. I’m not looking to give up the positives that can sometimes come with a good small dose of fear. BUT. I’m at a point in my life when being more fearless would benefit me beyond belief. I want to be more open minded when it comes to relationships, opportunities, and I want to limit the things that I’ve been afraid of for far too long.

It’s been a true ramble but I am SO excited to be starting the year off with this resolution and sharing it on my blog!

What’s your new year's resolutions/goals/ honesty how are you feeling about it being 2018?


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