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Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo Review + Ramble

I’m no stranger to the makeup brand Stila.

I’m actually rather obsessed with Stila makeup.

So… it’s no surprise to anyone who’s been reading my blog for a while that I’ve picked up another thing from the brand. In fact I’m sure you all expected it. Brynn, Stila, cream contour, of course! Today I’m going to be sharing a review of the Stila Shape and Shade Custom contour duo!

I actually mentioned this (ever so briefly in a haul post, read it HERE) as I picked up from Marshalls at a *huge huge huge* discount. I got it for around $10 while it still retails for $40 on the Sephora website. I knew once I saw it I had to pick it up!

To start I am someone who does like a good ol’ cream product. I wouldn’t say I’m devoted to cream products but in winter I am more than open to the idea of them. As someone who has major dry skin in winter taking a break from powder blushes, bronzer, highlights and contours can be such a helpful choice as cream products lay on dry skin so much better. Think about the look of a thick powder foundation on really dry skin. They always seem to catch on dry patches and accentuate this dryness while a liquid or mousse foundation seems to avoid this. That’s my theory with cream products, they just help us girls with dry skin a little more!

As for this product it’s a definite highlight in terms of the cream products I’ve tried out. The thing with contour that is the hardest to master seems to be the color. A true stone brown can be too harsh while a brown too warm is really just a cream bronzer. I think this shade is sitting well situated in the contour specturm and on my fair pink undertoned skin it’s perfect! The formula of the contour isn’t waxy (which has been my real complaint with a few past cream contours) and it has a nice glide too it. The creaminess of it is what (in my opinion) make it so easy to blend. It is a V-E-R-Y pigmented formula. I wouldn’t recommend doing an instagram makeup esq. contour as this is so pigmented it’s just not necessary. I like to apply small dots with my Zoeva Face Definer and then blend it in either with that brush or my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. The formula sets pretty fast which makes it long lasting but I would recommend working in smaller sections if you work slow (as there's nothing worse than having contour set before you've had the time to blend it).

As for the highlight shade I’m not someone who tends to use these. I don’t think this one is bad I just really prefer to use my concealer to highlight rather than a “highlight” cream. I just want some extra coverage under my eye. I have tried this out and I would say the formula is much more waxy than the contour. It’s still workable and it does highlight well (as a matte under eye highlight and not a shimmery one, just to clarify).

Overall I am really enjoying this product and it’s been a good change that’s left a little more hydration in my skin. I think that if you can score it at a discount like I did it’s a great product to try out. I would also say that even at full price I would still have considered purchasing it especially if I was an avid cream contour girl.

Have you tried this product out? Any Stila or cream contour faves?

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