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Better Skin with Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

*This product was sent to me for the purpose of reviewing although all thoughts are my own

My skin is a clear, a really ALL TOO clear, reflection of whatever I am feeling. If I’m stressed I break out. If I haven’t been moisturizing my skin gets very dry and red. Bottom line if I don’t take care of my skin it shows!

I would say that I am someone who works pretty hard on their skin and because of this I have tried so much out. I was once devoted to doing absolutely nothing for my skin. Then it was the phase of simple cleansers that just didn’t do what I needed them to. Then it was the days of acne surfacing and desperate skin care moves (because pimples always seem to pop up on days when they JUST shouldn’t!). So I have a routine and I’ve recently found a new addition to add to it that I knew I had to share on my blog!

It’s the Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask from the brand Dear Klairs.

I started using this mask in the deepest depths of winter when my skin could not have been described as anything but dull and dry. Winter just sucked the moisture, and life out of my skin. So, I came to this mask with high hopes of skin improvements and I really found it. The mask is meant to brighten skin and I don’t think I expected the outcome I saw. I woke up with firmed skin and a glowing complexion. In my cheeks specifically I saw a huge change where redness was replaced with clarity and brightening in my skin that I hadn’t seen in a long long long time. The mask uses vitamin E and Niacinamide as amazing ingredients that brighten skin while strengthening it.

I think my favorite thing about the mask has to be the texture. It’s like nothing I've ever seen and it’s a white gel mask that can be scooped out of the container with the spatula tool that is included. It spreads easily over fingers and I can apply it very easily to my face. After ten to fifteen minutes the mask will harden slightly and I feel a gentle firming sensation. I used the word gentle as I really want you to know that it’s gentle! I have talked about my very sensitive skin in posts before and whenever I try something out it's always a guessing game about whether my skin will be able to handle it or not. This mask was very gentle and managed to brighten my skin, and tighten it, without irritating it in the slightest! I will say that I do A-L-W-A-Y-S moisturize after using any mask and I think this really helps my sensitive and dry skin to stay happy.

The mask comes packaged in a glass jar with a silver lid. The packaging is simple but with the included spatula tool, it gives you everything you need. On the masks packaging there is a small line that the brand printed which says “Simple, but enough” and I think that really sums up what this product is. It’s a simple mask which doesn’t use any gimmicks. You apply, it does what it says, and it works fast. It’s effective and skips the fluff found in a lot of other skincare products.

I would recommend this product for anyone who is looking for something to boost the radiance of their skin. If you have been looking for clearer brighter skin I would tell you to give this a try. Additionally if you want to try a mask with the coolest gel texture then I would also say equally you have my recommendation.

I have recently become an affiliate with this brand but all thoughts in this review are my own. To learn more about the product you can check it out Here!

What do you guys think of this mask? What are your favorite masks to use?


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