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Four-Step Summer Skin

I really believe there are turning points in our life.

I would say one was the day I got my braces off. That day marked the moment when I no longer had food constantly stuck in my teeth. My mouth was no longer slightly larger due to the metal underneath. There was no more possibility to choose gruesome colored metal squares to decorate my teeth like a Christmas tree. Yes, I would say Braces was a turning point in terms of how I looked.

Then there's the moment I started to wear heeled boots. Hell yeah to the two inches I’ve been trodding on for the past few years of my life! I can’t imagine what my memories would look like if they were a few inches lower.

Then, there was the point when I actually started to use skincare. I know… I know… it’s a gruesome truth to my past that I didn’t always use skin care products. Even beyond that, there was a large part in my early makeup wearing life that I didn’t even wash my makeup off my face at night. I was a 24-hour walking zombie of an Almay foundation, layers of a waterproof CoverGirl mascara, and more bronzer than anyone should ever attempt to wear. This post isn’t really about turning points BUT I feel it’s safe to say I have had a major one in terms of how I treat and care for my skin.

If theres one thing I can tell everyone it's that your skin shows the effort you put into it. If you're catching my drift, my skin was once H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. Now, it’s clear and happy. I don’t believe you have to go crazy. There's no need for mask after mask. But I wanted to share this post because skin needs to be cared for especially in summer.

To start I have to confess that I have become a member of the crazy SPF lady clan (imagine me as one of the many faces proudly holding sunscreen bottles with a non-tan/ good complexion and big’s weird but I think it’s a good descriptor). I never thought I would wear SPF, or really give a lot of focus to sunscreen, but I have. I am now using (off of the recommendation of a bold haired Sephora employee) the Supergoop Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen. It’s an SPF 40 sunscreen that has olive polyphenols to protect the most sensitive skin. I previously was using a regular sunscreen and my wimpy sensitive skin could NOT handle it. So, I went to Supergoop and have had NO problems. I’m sunburn free and sensitive skin happy.

Next is a long time skincare love that is near death. R.I.P to my Herbivore Rose Hibiscus hydrating face mist. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while (which I don’t know if you have? Yeah? No?) then you would have seen this in the Vogue X Birchbox post I wrote last year (it’s a hoot and a holler and a half! Read it HERE). This face mist is by the botanical brand Herbivore and combines rose, hibiscus, and coconut to create the most soothing mist I’ve ever used. I actually stopped using a regular moisturizer and relied on this only in the winter months (which P.S. are the months where my skin is dry and gross. So you know I’m seriously obsessed). The glass bottle and white accents are a plus to the way this spray makes you think “hmm maybe I am an effortless botanical, glossier, french girl”.

Next, next, next up is a mask that is just cool. It’s weird and the odd (and the most texture centered part of myself) is obsessed with the * Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Mask. And yes! I have talked about this before B/C I love it. Firstly because it has a Jelly-like texture that wiggles in the container. Secondly, because it’s the only mask I’ve found that can tighten my sensitive skin without irritating it.

Lastly is a recent impulse purchase from the brand that pretty much owns the idea of “lip plumping”. It’s Buxom and I am a first time user! The product is the Power Plump Lip Balm in the shade “Big O”. I have never tried a lip plumping product. I wasn’t totally inspired back when Kylie Jenner made everyone obsessed with big lips to do it and honestly it just seemed like maybe some plumpness for summer could be fun. So, I got it and WOW. It’s like a slight plumbing + it turns your lips the perfect red/pink shade + hydrates.

There we go! It’s summer skincare that’s easy, but effective, and hopefully kind of cool.

* marks an affiliate link

my opinion is never changed due to an affilate link. All opinions are my own.

-(magazine used in shots is the spring summer two thousand and eighteen issue of Rika magazine view it HERE)

-B/C means because (does anyone else use this or am I crazy? if I'm crazy SO sorry for the confusion)

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