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The Mascara Diaries...

from top to bottom: Soap & Glory, Essence, Essence Waterproof, Maybelline

I haven’t had a diary in years and instead have learned to keep time on the makeup I’ve worn. My makeup start has the “poster child” of a cracked H&M bronzer (too glittery/too cracked/2010), then too much mascara (CoverGirl/2-step/ would never come off/ 2014), and then through the tubes of mascara I have bought over the years.

Adventurous is an adjective I would hardly use to describe myself...BUT with mascaras I actually am. Volume, length, black, brown, organic, literally what have you- I will try. Switching mascara is a small monthly amount of excitement that I indulge in and will document in this diary entry.

At the start of 2018, I finished off a tube of my forever loved L'oreal Lash Paradise (Read more on it Here). It’s housed in a pink tube that makes me think “heaven” every time I see it. Affordable, silky, voluminous lashes that could pass as a Bobbi Brown lash product any day. While I A.D.O.R.E.D this mascara (perfect for volume enhancing, true black and brown color, long wear) I spent most of last year in it. In an attempt to be, again adventurous, I stepped away.

Next was a sort of -random- pick. One that came from watching youtube video after youtube video on mascaras. I settled on the Essence Lash Stylist mascara off of the recommendation of Tati on youtube (Here). If you haven’t seen her video she’s a hilarious, sarcastic and endlessly sophisticated women from LA who could write the bible on beauty products. It’s also true for me that she could sell anything to me (if she said I needed an alpaca in a sombrero I would buy an alpaca in a sombrero). The mascara was my first introduction to the brand (which is US based and focuses on creating affordable cosmetics). The mascara lacked in length and unsurprisingly wowed in the volume department. I would put it on and it lasted, looked black (but not as rich of a black shade as I would have loved, and volumized). This mascara was a short love for me that then turned into a commitment until it was used up. I would ask you not to think I didn’t like it. I did. I would say that I would try it again but would use others over it. Additionally, it was a pain to remove!

Next up was the Thick and Fast mascara from Soap and Glory. I think whenever I write a makeup products name that has an almost sexual undertone that it's better to just laugh together and let the elephant right out of the room. When I bought this I laughed out loud in my local supermarket. This mascara name wise is pretty hilarious to me and packaging wise is stunning. It’s a shiny black package with a thick wand with a cone shape. It lifts lashes while applying a rich black color. I was using this mascara from the end of February and April (maybe, time's a bit of a blur) and it was the perfect compliment for my winged eyeliner. It was winter (jeans, big sweaters, tea in hand) paired with a winged liner and wispy long lashes ala Soap and Glory. This is a high recommend from me especially if you are in for wispy lashes.

In May I got excited about pools. About summer. About things that were seasonably on the horizon and were not a reality at the start of May. I purchased a waterproof mascara from Essence called the Extreme Volume mascara. It was extreme volume and for someone who likes/ need waterproof mascara could be great. It really lasts underwater and it really gives volume. My biggest gripe with it was that it’s so strong it’s almost impossible to remove which is often my problem with waterproof mascaras. It's A bit of a pick your poison type of situation with waterproof mascaras (A.K.A it stays on forever or comes right off underwater). I picked to make a switch and avoid the water when wearing mascara.

I made a switch to the Maybelline Total Temptation mascara at the real start of summer (June-ish). I love the whole total temptation collection and use the mascara and brow pencil (shade brunette) daily right now. It’s by far the sexiest mascara I have ever used. Legitimately, there’s just something sensual about it. It has the silkiest black color and just gives the most babydoll sort of volume. I would equally recommend it for its sex appeal and volumizing power.

what would you write about in you mascara diary?


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