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Thrifted floral dress w/ oversized sweater for fall

Currently I am eating and drinking a disaster of a breakfast that I made for myself. As a young, maybe idiot chef, I’ve butchered toast with jam and my “cool” tea smoothie isn’t making me feel millennial pink (and instead I’m a bit green). But! Today is Wednesday, it’s 7:27 A.M. in the morning and I can already hear you saying “and you are telling me this because?”... and it's because today is the first day that I am officially writing a fall style post. I know, I know, it really is terribly exciting.

On the agenda today is a classic boot, skirt, and fall sweater combo with a hell of a twist. This outfit is a partial thrift and high street combo and I forced my friend to take these photos of me during a little vacation to a nearby island (thanks B!).

First up, the dressI thrifted this dress from a new vintage shop within the antique row of my city. The shop was really well curated and this dress was an unusual pick for me. It is a brown floral fabric w/ very 60’s white flowers on it. It has a cinched waist and a collar. It’s unusual and like nothing I’ve ever purchased before and I think I can place the blame on the inspiration I may have gathered from Isabella's instagram . The dress also fits like a glove and went perfectly with the brown boots I am wearing in the photo. It’s a bit classy, and a nice switch up from the a la college attire I usually wear.

The sweater is the coziest thing I own. It is massive and does require a good two or three "roll ups" of the sleeves but there's something about it that just makes it "fall" for me. I also love that the tan color of it is still very relevant and on trend even when I purchased it a year ago. I also love that it can function as dress on its own even though I have it rolled up on the bottom so you can see the thrifted dress peaking out. Additionally, oversized items feed into my obsession with subversive fashion and I love how large/ stylish it is.

Lastly for the bootsThese boots were actually my mothers (such a stylish lady) and she didn’t have any use for them so she gave them to me (which is such a blessing). They are pretty basic brown leather boots that hit just below the knee. They are nothing incredibly unique but are such a staple to my fall style nonetheless. What I L.O.V.E about this outfit is the way that the sweater gives an insane amount of comfort while the skirt/boot combo gives some leg! It was also perfect for the fall weather as a light breeze didn't make me cold and short visits from the sun didn't make me too hot.

Exra Extra Extra:

What are you thinking for fall style? Are you sporting animal print daily (snakeskin boots, cheatah print pants, etc? Also if you are please explain because I am still working on finding a way to make animal print an everyday look. I just haven't mastered cheetah print during 9 A.M classes yet. Are you wearing western wear? Let me know I'm very curious)

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