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embroidered plaid dress w/ a subtle take on western wear

A Fall O.O.T.D...

The changing leaves on the tree outside my window has confirmed that fall is really arriving. yes, the spirit of fall boarded the one way season train and has arrived with scarves in hand. After what has felt like an endless season of summer I know I'm going to need all the scarves I can get.

The arrival of fall has brought on reality and a cold one at that. This post is on a transitional outfit that merges summer to fall. Really… It’s on a stellar outfit that combines a lil’ leg, rodeo inspiration, and knitwear all in one.

The base of this piece… the gesso on the canvas… the whatever of the a plaid cotton dress from Zara w/ floral embroidery. It’s a godsend number that I found while digging through the very overcrowded sales section of one Seattle Zara. It was eight dollars! It needed some repairing (there is a handsewn fix on the skirt)...and it’s a little short. But really it is a take on “school girl” that can translate to so many other levels.

I wanted to make this post transitional so you could use it on the last days of summer or during the first days of fall. So, say it’s a somewhat sunny day (the kind where you surprise yourself and go with iced coffee vs. hot) and you throw on this half sleeve dress with some converse and your are good. Cool. Classy. School girl to just the right amount.

Then a few days later there is that terrifying fall breeze and you throw on your fave cable knit sweater over top. I did this via my favorite cable knit sweater. I got said sweater from a vintage store in Victoria, BC last summer. The shop, Vintage After Death, is A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y the best vintage store I have ever been too. This sweater is the B.E.S.T sweater I’ve ever worn. It also layers perfectly over the dress to make it seem as if the dress is a skirt. Over that I layered another steal from Vintage After Death, a western inspired corduroy jacket in a dusty blue hue (that has brought some much needed cowboy status to my wardrobe recently). The corduroy, over the cable knit, over the plaid just made my layering dreams come true. It also adds to that western hint I just talked about which is ever so Fall/Winter via Chloe or Zimmerman.

Accessories wise I kept it simple with black high top Converse for shoes.

Etra extra extra:

My friends and I took these photos in opera alley in Tacoma, WA. The alley is a haven for photo driven youngsters like ourselves. In the alley there is a yoga studio, an incredible Italian restaurant (eat the bolognese!) and colorful storefronts up and down the block. The day ended with spinning on that street (in overalls, jeans, and said plaid dress) and my discovery of the Huji app (how it evaded me for so long I will never know).

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