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Embrace "Animal" Print with All New Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf’s newest collection is animal print-- without the print. The spring collection, titled “You’re an Animal” that shares a modern take on the return of animal print. A pattern that receives as much love as it does hate. The collection includes items Instead of designing items that utilize the same animal patterns we see on each of its circular returns-- Oaf uses animal prints (with odd colors) and literal animal “prints” in their daring new collection. The result? A fresh take on animal prints that speaks to individuality and a subtle sophistication.

First, we have to forget cheetah print. Or at least what we “thought” cheetah print was. Yes, the garish tan and black pattern that's currently filling up the racks at every H&M. Instead, imagine a dusty maroon and grey *cheetah print* shirt dress that gives print with individuality and subtle sophistication (Add image reference). This leopard pinafore dress is the perfect piece for transitional spring to summer style. Another take on classic animal print is the Pink leopard Shirt Dress (add reference). The dress is in a shirt dress style that has a center front zipper and side seam splits. This dress looks deceptively traditional until you notice that it’s pink! The product description even encourages the dress for night time adventures and states a nod to the nocturnal big cat (pink panther… is that you?).

Now this is where it gets exciting! Lazy Oaf has combines oversized silhouettes with sarcastic references to animal print. Maybe it’s the tiger lady minit tote bag, a black mini bag with am embroidered portrait of a pink women on a tiger, that resembles art. Or, it could be the lime zippy dress that has taken pea green to a new level. Either way the interpretation of animal print has me sold. Converted. Obsessed. Lazy Oaf has taken a trend and made it fashion.

Blue Bunnyrees

These wide leg corduroy dungarees are instantly eye catching. Partly because the overalls scream confidence with their blue hue. While the bunny face appliqué dares anyone to take a second look. the result is a pair of beautiful overalls that we should all walk into spring wearing.

Cat Repeat Pants

pants made of a printed cat pattern may have lived exclusively in the wardrobes until now. I, a vocal dog person, would wear these pants with bride. As the black and white pattern uses a subtle white outline of a cat repeated across the trousers to make a geometric design. I love it. You love it. My cat lady mother would especially love it!

Lazy Oaf Stripy Blobfish T-Shirt

Underdog Long Sleeve Top

Shop the rest of the collection Here

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