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My June Goals

It’s june!

Can anyone believe that we are halfway through 2020? It has been a crazy year, one that I couldn’t have imagined at the start of January.

*Disclaimer: Before I start writing about my goals I want to recognize the difficult times that are occurring currently. As a US citizen the events surrounding George Floyd's death sadden me and have given me another opportunity to see the deep racial inequalities still prevalent in the United States. I just wanted to make light of that before I write this post as the last thing I would ever want is for this post to seem tone deaf. I hope these goals, and this post, can act as a positive escape with everything going on and can push me to keep improving! 

Now on to my June goals …

Make a monthly donation to an organization that matters to me

If anyone watches Ellie Thumann on Youtube or follows her on Insta, you probably know she talks about charities in most of her videos. I love this because it gives me the opportunity to learn about new causes to support. As a student, my finances are limited especially in today's job market BUT it’s always important to give what you can. This month I donated to the George Floyd Memorial Fund and Campaign Zero, an organization working to prevent police brutality in the US. Additionally, I wanted to include a link to a Youtube video which will use all Adsense to donate to BLM charities. This is a great way to donate during these difficult times even if you have been impacted by job loss or other economic reasons.

Reach 20 thousand monthly viewers on my Pinterest

This is a big goal .... potentially too big. Recently, I’ve been loving Pinterest. It could be the combination of the extra time I have or my excitement at taking blog photos lately. Either way I’ve seen a lot of growth in the last month from around 1000 monthly viewers to a current 13,000. Obviously, there are people with a lot more viewers, but I’ve found it inspiring to have my blog photos seen by people. Rather than feeling discouraged that I have put a lot of effort into my blog and not having it seen, this makes me feel that my blog is reaching people. 

Let me know your Pinterest below! I would love to follow any other bloggers :)

Journal daily 

Since lockdown started I’ve been following Margot Lee’s daily journal challenge on TikTOK. It’s not a daily challenge but there are around 45 days that I have completed so far. I have loved this as it’s given me an excuse to draw, write and scrapbook. It’s been such an amazing distraction and creative outlet. 

I want to pull inspiration from Pinterest and start making more complex and creative spreads. I’m linking some of my favorite inspo pins below but basically aesthetic and creative journal pages. 

Here are some of my favorite Inso pins from my bullet journal board:

Prep for the future (as much as I can)

Since graduating highschool, I’ve been extremely focused on my future and have taken steps to ensure success. Whether it was my college classes or internships I have always had something to focus on. Currently, this couldn’t be more different with school, internships and most summer jobs currently on a hiatus. While I want to take this time to breathe, I want to create new opportunities for my success. I see this blog as a great opportunity to do so!

What are your June goals? X 

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