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My Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Collection

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Hello! And welcome to my CT lipstick collection ...

I'm excited to share my updated CT lipstick collection that I have been growing for the past five, maybe six, years. Basically, since I was 18 and I purchased my first CT lipstick through savings from my summer job. Since that first purchase I have been impressed with the formula everyevery timetime I use these lipsticks and I feel like it's a product I find myself enjoying more and more each time. Maybe it's the classic packaging, the enchanting collection of colors, or the must-try formula -- but CT lipsticks are one I hope to keep collecting in the years ahead.

I mentioned recently that I picked up three of these shades in a three for the price of two deal on the CT website and I was so excited to find such a good deal on these. Previously I've bought a shade per year maybe because of the price. In the future I'll definitely look for sales like this on the CT website because it was the best deal I've seen on these. You'll notice through my collection that I have more of the matte revolution than the kissing formula but just know I really am a fan of both -- I'm just more of a classic matte girl myself.

I have three different packaging styles from the range. The first is the classic rose gold bullet, while the cheetah print is special to the hot lips 2 collection,well-lovedmid-toneRoseyrosebud and the gold with rhinestones is special to the Look of Love Collection.

Here are the lipsticks in my CT collection from my oldest to newest additions:

Glastonbury (now called festival magic)

I bought this shade because of the praise Zoe Sugg aka Zoella gave it during her vlogmas a few years ago. This was her favorite berry lip color, and as berry lips were my go to at the time, I decided to invest. This isn't a shade I currently reach for a lot right now, although it was one of my most used lip colors at one point. I think it is still a prized piece of my makeup collection because of how great the formula is for a shade that is typically really difficult to formulate. This deep plum goes on smooth and with a lip liner of the same color underneath ( I have the CT one in x shade) it's a full proof berry lip.

Birkin brown (now called So 90's)

This was a more random purchase but a well loved one. I used to be obsessed with Colour Pop’s Beeper, a mid tone nude brown, but the matte liquid lipstick formula was killing my lips (is anyone else happy to see the liquid lipstick trend go?). I had been searching for a similar shade with a kinder formula and I thought Birkin brown would do the job. The brown color is an amazing classic color that is neutral with a little edge. While it’s not as deep as Beeper, I actually love the rosey brown hue it has more!

Glowing Jen

The glowing Jen lipstick caught my eye because of the obvious-- the gold and black cheetah print packaging -- and second because of the shiny rose shade. I had never tried one of Charlotte's kissing lipsticks but just saw this shade and knew it could be a favorite for work. I like the shine and comfort of wear and was totally taken with the concept of the hot lips 2 range (lipsticks inspired by celebrities that Charlotte had worked with). A fun feature of this lipstick is that the packaging is actually refillable and you can swap hot lips 2 shades into the different tubes as you please. If you feel like doing some browsing, just check out the beautiful packaging designs that are offered in this collection -- my favorite is the starry night design on the J.K. Magic lipstick (although I don't think that's really my shade) and the Patsy Red lipstick (which I won't buy as I must stop buying lipstick and have my ruby woo shade that nothing seems to beat). But anyways, love this shade!

Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells has been my recent favorite because of how beautiful it is. I really can’t describe this shade without saying it is beautiful asultra-popular the rosebud pink shade gives me the perfect glowy lip color. I often go for more mauve and brown nudes so for me to find a pinky nude I love this much is pretty unique. I wear this all the time at my day job, and even though no one can see it behind my mask, it makes me glow and I think that’s what a good makeup product should do.

Pillow Talk

It took me a while to hop on the Pillow Talk bandwagon as it was always sold out when I would look for it. I can’t even tell you how excited I was to finally see it in stock at my local Sephora and even though I wasn’t planning on buying a new lipstick – I put it into my basket immediately. For those of you who haven’t heard of pillow talk, it’s an ultra-popular pinky nude that suits so many different people. Recently, the range expanded to include two deeper shades in Pillow Talk Medium (a matte berry nude) and Pillow Talk Intense (a shiny berry rose). Truthfully a few other lip shadevery dayes in my collection have distracted me from this lip color but I’ve put it on my top to use list for the new year.

Bond Girl (now called M.I. Kiss)

M.I. Kiss is a raved-about favorite that I see in blog posts and Youtube videos all the time. When making my Black Friday purchase I looked for hours when deciding which shades to get and M.I. Kiss had been at the top of my lipstick bucket list for a long time. This shade is a berry red that skirts the line between a deep bolder nude for me and a deep red statement shade. I haven’t worn this into the office as it felt a little too deep but I’ve loved wearing it out for dinner or just for doing errands – because really everyday is an excuse to wear lipstick!

Stoned Rose

Stoned Rose was a similar draw for me where I had heard SO much about it and had been looking for the perfect time to buy. Additionally, I wanted to try out another Kissing lipstick from CT. This shade surprised me as I really expected it to be a more mauve rosey nude but it’s a nude coral. Sephora describes it as a warm coral rose which is definitely accurate. I wanted to mention this as none of the photos I saw of this shade online made it look coral, it looked so much more mauve. But, I love it and have loved the satin shine that this lipstick formula has.

Secret Selma

Lastly, I have the shade Secret Selma from the Hot Lips 1 collection. This was a shade I have lusted over since I was in high school (and I’ve graduated college so it’s been a while). I hadn’t purchased it because I had gotten distracted by some other shades but I am so glad I finally purchased this. It is a deep rose plum shade that I love. I wear it to work and feel like it’s an amazing winter berry nude without going into intense deep berry territory.

And that’s my collection!

I’m currently on a lipstick no-buy (because I obviously have more than enough to focus on) but I wanted to share some of the other shades in the CT collection that have always interested me.

JK Magic - a rose peach nude

Bitch Perfect - a peach peach-toned nude

Do you have any CT lipsticks? Any shades you are lusting over?



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