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My Beauty Wishlist

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Today I’ll be writing a post on the items on my beauty wishlist! As I’ve entered the new year I am on a month-long beauty no-buy and these are the products that I might consider purchasing when my no-buy is up in February. A 2022 goal of mine is to be an intentional shopper and someone who plans purchases rather than impulse buys. So, the products on this list are the items I’ll consider purchasing when my no-buy is up.

I know, so unoriginal of me! I, like everyone else, fell for the praise of the product on TikTok and have been looking for it since. I love CT makeup and really love investing in products that I know will excite me each time I use them. I love the look of the beauty light wands which are cream highlighters and blushes. I’m specifically interested in Pinkgasm which is a pink glowy blush and Spotlight, a rose gold highlight.

Similarly, this product is a Tiktok favorite and has been on my wish list for a while as well. I just recently purchased the mini version of CT’s contour duo so I’m truthfully not in the need of another contour. Or… that’s what I tell myself because it’s always sold out. Either way, I am excited to pick this product up whenever it’s back in stock and my no-buy is over.

I hate to be a sucker for packaging, and lipstick, but this limited edition launch really got me. I am a huge fan of CT lipsticks and love the refillable lipstick packaging the brand has started to use in recent years. In addition to the orange and gold tiger print bullet catching my eyes, I also love the shade range of this collection. The three new shades encompass a rosy nude to deep red and I’m so here for it. My favorite is K-Romance.

Truthfully I’ve never been much of a hair girl but with my interests piqued I have been eyeing Olaplex products lately. I don’t want to invest in the whole range as I have some current favorites I love, and can’t move away from, but this mask seems exactly what my hair needs… Which is nourishment, hydration, and hopefully some sunshine! Any Olaplex lovers out there? Is it worth the price tag?

A 2022 skincare goal of mine is to use sunscreen every day. I have one from Cerave that is fine as a sunscreen (it doesn’t break me out and works) but it’s not an ideal base for under makeup. Before I buy this sunscreen or any new ones, I’m going to push myself to use that one up. Once I do, I want to try this one as it genuinely seems like a great base and sun protector. Additionally, Supergoop has never broken me out so I know it’s sensitive skin safe.

I wouldn’t say I am interested in buying eyeshadow palettes, especially big ones, very frequently. That being said, this one by Patrick Ta unexpectedly caught my eye. I really like the variety of neutral colors and the two cream shadows that come in the palette. This product (like most of my beauty wishlist items) is sold out and I can totally see why – it’s gorgeous!

Truthfully, I may have already picked this up with a target gift card I had. I’ve heard a ton of great things about Elf’s putty formula and as I don’t have a cream bronzer right now I thought it was a great time to try it out. Keep your eyes peeled on my blog for a review.

Wet N Wild Megaglo Makeup Sticks in Peach Bums, Floral Majority, and Oaks on You

Ok, I’m not as sure about these. I used to love these when I was in high school but I ended up moving on to new things. I recently saw a Tiktok saying that the shade Peach Bums was a dupe for Pinkgasm by CT and it sparked my interest. So I’m considering it but I’m not sure.

These sold out so quickly it was actually insane. I was hoping they might still be in stock at the start of February but Sephora gets swept clean so quickly now. I saw a TikTok (here) where a girl tried these and her lips looked incredible. I loved the plumped shiny look and the colors are stunning. Rose glow is my fave but truthfully if I stumbled on any in a Sephora store I would be tempted to pick them up.

This is a random one but I saw this on Sephora and was really intrigued. I think this is the same shopping tendency that made me a huge Too Faced fan in high school but isn’t this release so fun! I love classy sophisticated makeup but I also love fun and cutesy makeup releases like this. I’m not sure if I’ll end up purchasing this (i really need to separate the packaging from the product) but I’m definitely going to keep a lookout on other people's reviews. The shades look amazing and I used to love the Colour Pop Satin Lips so I wonder if this could be a more adult version for me.

What products are on your beauty wishlist?


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